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NEW Garrett ATX Metal Detector

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Older coin depth tests?

by TheGeorgiaCanuck
888 112/05/2013 11:11PM
Last Post by TheGeorgiaCanuck

A question please....

by Robert2300
2,032 712/04/2013 01:11PM
Last Post by Nes (south Coast-CA)

Scuff Covers for the Garrett ATX Jpeg Attachments PDF Attachments

by steve herschbach
5,648 1512/03/2013 12:39AM
Last Post by ivanll

20" big mono

by Tony
1,515 412/02/2013 11:45AM
Last Post by bearkat4160

Another ATX Comparison Video here... URL   (Pages: 1 2)

by bearkat4160
5,118 2112/01/2013 11:41PM
Last Post by valeria

Anyone at DIV using an ATX?

by nick1curtis
5,474 1412/01/2013 07:28PM
Last Post by GoldChaser

Video: Nugget Hunt with the ATX and my Buddies with their Detectors Video Attachments

by bearkat4160
1,540 512/01/2013 01:54PM
Last Post by whylee

ATX Day one Saltwater wet sand Jpeg Attachments

by nagov
5,966 1311/29/2013 01:36PM
Last Post by Tye

Gold Nugget Detecting with the New Garrett ATX Jpeg Attachments URL   (Pages: 1 2)

by steve herschbach
9,980 1911/29/2013 02:30AM
Last Post by Robert2300

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Treasurehunter1967
670 111/28/2013 11:22AM
Last Post by Treasurehunter1967

Thanksgiving gift?

by h.m.scoop
1,045 311/27/2013 05:29PM
Last Post by h.m.scoop
This topic has been moved.

ATX and Whites TDI?

by Robert2300
   This topic has been moved.

PI detectors and unexploded bombs

by shelton7522
957 211/23/2013 03:47PM
Last Post by lytle78

Been A Pretty Good Year....Here Are My Ring Totals For 2013 :closedeyes:

by John-Edmonton
1,835 711/23/2013 03:20PM
Last Post by John-Edmonton

A bit about the ATX Ground Tacking and Balancing

by bearkat4160
2,469 711/23/2013 01:27AM
Last Post by bearkat4160


by h.m.scoop
986 211/21/2013 10:56PM
Last Post by whylee

Battery life heads up

by nagov
2,152 511/21/2013 07:10AM
Last Post by steve herschbach

Preliminary Impressions of the Garrett ATX Jpeg Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by steve herschbach
28,664 5111/20/2013 07:31AM
Last Post by lytle78

Video: ATX - Demonstration of the Discrimination Features Video Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by bearkat4160
8,675 2211/19/2013 11:19PM
Last Post by Fishers Ghost

Garrett ATX Weight

by steve herschbach
9,181 1411/19/2013 11:47AM
Last Post by bearkat4160

Here Are The Discrimination Features I Have Observed So Far Hunting In Water/Land:detecting: Jpeg Attachments

by John-Edmonton
1,693 311/17/2013 11:49AM
Last Post by bearkat4160

ATX in mild to non-mineralized soils

by thunderchild
1,841 611/16/2013 11:57AM
Last Post by steve herschbach

ATX False signal when it bump against rock??? Jpeg Attachments

by QuebecAt
4,020 1111/15/2013 09:56PM
Last Post by Tye

Salt water benefits????

by h.m.scoop
3,427 911/14/2013 05:07PM
Last Post by steve herschbach

Hit First Hot Rock with the ATX - on Video Video Attachments

by bearkat4160
5,938 1311/14/2013 12:47AM
Last Post by Fishers Ghost

Video: ATX Buried Targets Test w Gold Nuggets and a Nickel Video Attachments

by bearkat4160
3,303 1011/14/2013 12:00AM
Last Post by Tony

VLF'S are IB'S which cause a frequency shift in the TX winding when a target is hit and the change is detected in the RX winding.With the scanning frequencies used in Iron Check, does the ATX have an IB type circuit, and a phase angle?N/T

by vlad
1,724 511/13/2013 05:57PM
Last Post by FrankMD

Garrett ATX box opening and quick startup guide by Gone Hunting and BBH! URL

by Big Boys Hobbies
986 211/11/2013 10:48PM
Last Post by bearkat4160

Video: ATX Demonstration Using Non-Motion Mode on a Live Hunt Video Attachments URL

by bearkat4160
1,221 311/11/2013 07:12PM
Last Post by bearkat4160

removed topic - video showing comparison

by filternozzle
1,536 611/11/2013 07:10PM
Last Post by bearkat4160