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Recent content by hunter12

  1. H

    Metal detecting the beach next weekend.

    That's what I was thinking also. Wait till warmer weather for the bathers to seed the beach and the surf line. Thanks all.
  2. H

    Metal detecting the beach next weekend.

    I'll be at my place for 3 days in O.C.MD next week. I plan on hitting a few beaches with my Nox. This will be my first time out due to work and illness. Would I be better off hitting the DE beaches or the MD beaches. DE I get to park free with my surf tag. MD I have to pay the Bastardos almost 4...
  3. H

    O.C.Md beach, Replenished?

    Yeah, I hunted coin beach last year after they sanded it in, probably 4' or more of sand. Nothing found. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
  4. H

    O.C.Md beach, Replenished?

    I'll be in O.C.Md for the Thanksgiving vacation week. Wnated to do a little detecting at the beach, but I have heard the beaches in Ocean city Md and the beaches in Delaware have benn replenished already. Don't feel like digging into 6' of sand. Anyone know if this is true about the...
  5. H


    Man , They are some great finds.Love the plate. :clapping:
  6. H

    Knee pads

    For land detecting, I don't leave home without knee pads.
  7. H

    Anyone else practice archery?

    I hunted with Recurve bow's for many years. Still have 3 or 4 custom made bow's now. But I don't hunt or shoot anymore. I was in to Shooting Traditional bow's.
  8. H

    We gotta a spammmer !!!!

    Yeah, there down in there basements doing self gratifacation to themselves, Like bedum.
  9. H

    Nox-- first impressions

    I have a Nox 600. I love the machine. It did everything I expected about it. Any errors while detecting was my fault in not setting it up right. It's a great machine. :clapping:
  10. H

    Cant even describe this outting…..

    Ron, Sounds like you had a great time and found some great finds.
  11. H

    A kepi with a strand of thread left?

    That is really a great find. Looks like a Kepi buckle. Only thing is the tread, Kepi buckles were on a leather band, not sewn on. I'm sure someone will come along and tell us.
  12. H

    Rifle ID

    great find, What ever make it is, it's deffinatly a single shot.
  13. H

    Lovin' it

    Great finds.
  14. H

    Equinox manual

    I down loaded mine also. :detecting:
  15. H

    Got Permission To Hunt A Couple Of Lots Where Some Houses Were Just Torn Down

    Looks like a car I seen when I was a kid , car was on the belt parkway near idelwild , must have ran out of gas, car was in decent shape when we passed it going to the airport, that's what it looked like on the way back. That was in the early 60's. :laugh: