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Recent content by Mike Hillis

  1. M

    Precious Metal in Walls

    or if you have deep pockets you can get you a portable hand held backscatter x-ray machine, like this Viken imager. I've been looking at it, trying to find a price that doesn't get me spammed for life. The good thing about these imagers is that you can see...
  2. M

    Precious Metal in Walls

    If you have access to the property you hang paper over the walls. Take a Whites V3 and detect the wall, marking the places where the V3 responds with the V3 spectragraph and analyze detection signatures. All the metal in the wall gives a unique signature on the V3. Not a problem to trace...
  3. M

    Whites closing their plant.

    This really depressed me when I heard it. HH Mike
  4. M

    I just can’t do it!

    Different mfg's design differently so you get a little different approach to ground minerals and target id and audio. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not. I've quit looking for that one perfect detector and just focus on, "Do I really like it?" If I do I keep it along with the others I really...
  5. M

    Welcome back

    Glad to see a Whites forum back. I wonder how many V3 / V3i users are still out there? HH Mike
  6. M

    One silver, one gold

    Thank you for the pictures! HH Mike
  7. M

    One silver, one gold

    Nice jewelry finds, larbear2. They both have character. That chain looks like gold too. Way to go. Two gold items and a silver ring. VDI is based upon size and that little silver wire ring gave a low VDI because of it's size. Regards the gold...that was just a lucky...
  8. M


    Ha Ha...have you step back and read this thread.....its funny....all of us trolls who never post here on a regular basis.... I like the Apex. I like the way it looks. I like what they are doing with the audio..5 tones with the hybrid saturated / proportional audio based upon signal...
  9. M

    So, now there's a committee to elect--not a president, but a VP:

    I wish the Dems would at least try to run good managers. If nothing else, we have seen during this Covid19 outbreak that we need to elect good managers to public office. Not fools and window dressing. Mike
  10. M

    Kruzer coils on Impact?

    That is good to know...I've been wanting to get a larger coil for my Impact. Now I know I can put a Mulit-Kruzer coil on it. HH Mike
  11. M

    Morgan Silver Dollar! / SLQ / Pile of rings and old nickels

    Very nice finds. Thanks for sharing the pics. That ground was very kind to those nickels. HH Mike
  12. M

    Need new machine and suggestions

    If you aren't going to use it very often you want something that works without having to get a degree in it...and you can find good used models that you can buy with confidence. The Fisher F75 LTD with DST is a killer unit and my favorite and comes in multiple coil packages. The Minelab ETRAC...
  13. M

    Best Machine for jewelry on land

    I like the Etrac for gold jewelry, myself. I like the fact that I can dial in the disc better, and I love the High Trash feature. I've only found two gold jewelry items with it so far, but then again I've only hunted with it 5 times. I mostly use it for a clean up unit to pick up what my...
  14. M

    Fisher F2 with DD 11" coil .

    If you don't need the manual ground balance, I'd say keep the F2. HH Mike
  15. M


    Remember there are 16 frequency options to chose from for stability. You can find a stable channel to work with any detector. When selecting the channel to use, stand there swinging your coil back and forth over a surface target while pointing the pinpointer at the coil at hip level and...