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Learn-Accepting a Target......:detecting:
Posted by: big-ears
Date: December 01, 2011 03:02PM
This might be a "shot-in-the-dark" but here goes, in "learn" it says to lay a coin on the ground, wave the coil over it till it "learns" and it clears a few pixels depending on how loose you have it set. Small, med, large etc.. There is, I'm sure an algorithm specificly created for that purpose. My question........If I bury a silver coin at say 10 inches do you think the "learn" program would still work, instead of just laying it on the ground. Has anyone ever tried? If I am using Bryces settings, and get that slight high silver sound, would I now be able to look and see the crosshair setting in my learn 10 inch pattern or very close depending how tight I chose to make the pattern.

Re: Learn-Accepting a Target......:detecting:
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: December 02, 2011 05:58PM
You are going to get an unrealistic reading or bounce based on size, minerals, targets in close vicinity and depth... not to mention any location would then give you a different reading. To be honest air testing with low sensitivity is just as accurate. The tighter the pattern the more likely you will miss the very target you were attempting to hit with so many variables. Iron might even mask your target completely..... even something as tiny as a staple.


Re: Learn-Accepting a Target......:detecting:
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: December 03, 2011 02:35AM
dewcon is exactly right.

My opinion is that the learn function -- unless you are hunting for shallow coins and don't mind missing a bunch of them that don't ID correctly -- is a waste of time.

There are umpteen different situations, ground conditions, target locations and orientations in the ground, proximity to other targets, etc. etc. etc. that will drastically alter the way a coin IDs. In general, the trashier the ground, the worse the IDs, and the deeper the target, the worse the IDs. The idea of the "learn" function is simply that it takes a small block of target IDs and "accepts" them. But, if for whatever reason the coin you are searching for falls outside of that small block of target IDs, then you will NOT detect that coin.

If you are simply wanting to fly through a park and cherry pick, say, shallow dimes and quarters, then using the "learn" function to ignore all other targets will allow you to very quickly dig some shallow dimes and quarters. But, in any other scenario, I think the "learn" function would be more of a hindrance than a help. In my limited experience, I believe that to begin making more and better finds with the Explorer, you must accept smoe deviation away from "proper" ID numbers or specific cursor positions, understanding that there are countless reasons why a given target will not ID "properly."

Sorry for the long-winded answer -- but my best advice for anyone is to learn to deviate away from "perfect" ID if you want to dig deeper and better finds. That's kind of contrary to the idea of the "learn" function...


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Thank you for your comments................
Posted by: big-ears
Date: December 03, 2011 09:16AM
I think you are right, too many unknowns under the coil.

Re: Learn-Accepting a Target......:detecting:
Posted by: JeffNS
Date: December 13, 2011 08:38AM
Just my opinion as I still have lots to learn with the Explorer, but the learn function can be a valuable tool. As with any ID results, ground conditions can and often do alter the ID of a target. That being said, in relatively clean ground, air testing should yield respectable results so Learn away. I would not, however, restrict my pattern to only the resulting pattern but would open it up to ensure I compensated for any trash/minerals which may alter the air test results. Another...some would say better...way of using the learn function to use it to identify trash targets then discriminate them out and dig everything else. Strangely enough...many common trash items have a more consistent/repeatable ID than the desirable targets. As far as burying a coin at 10" (or any other depth) and using the learn function...based on what I've read about the Explorer detectors, they do not like disturbed soil and won't ID as accurately as they will in an air test or in undisturbed soil.

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