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Minelab Explorer SE
Posted by: karl.hahn
Date: May 25, 2012 07:57PM
I just purchased a used Minelab Explorer SE.
What's the best settings for those famous, "deep silver tones", that the Explorer is known for?
Also, how does the X-1 probe compare to the garrett pro pointer?

Re: Minelab Explorer SE
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: May 25, 2012 10:55PM
Karl --

I would suggest you purchase Andy Sabisch's book on the Explorer/E-Trac, and read it thoroughly. I would also suggest running the stock/factory coin program, semi-auto sensitivity at the factory-set level (22), and just get used to the machine, and how it reacts to targets. Don't try to get carried away with settings at this point, just learn the machine's personality/language for a little while first.

I've used both the X-1 probe and the Pro-Pointer; I prefer the Pro-Pointer, but both have their pros and cons -- both are very good. You will get differing opinions on which is "better," but both are excellent additions. One deciding factor could be whether you have -- or plan to have -- multiple detectors. A SunRay probe is specific to the model of machine you are using -- you can't use an Explorer/E-Trac probe on a Fisher unit, for example. In this case, the Pro-Pointer is probably the better option. If you ONLY plan to use an Explorer or E-Trac, the X-1 may be a good option. Again, though, both are excellent units.

Hope that helps a bit,


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Re: Minelab Explorer SE
Posted by: widebody
Date: May 25, 2012 11:03PM
get a copy of, The Minelab Explorer and E-Trac Handbook. it will help the most understanding your new machine. as for the pointer. that's a can of worms. it's a real personal choice. pro's and con's galore. the biggest con on the Hand held pointer is that it can be left behind. if you use the Garrett pp it has the best reputation of the hand held but the same problem. some folks have attached lanyards so they don't lose them. the garrett will and does find metal in the hole or area faster. the X-1 can tell you more info once you locate the target but you have to be closer to it. some folks just like em. i've watched so many videos that i think show the in-line probes take longer to locate the target. if you don't mind that it don't matter then. the in-lines don't tell the world around you that you've got a target either. the garrett anounces it to the world.


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Re: Minelab Explorer SE
Posted by: LaDigger
Date: May 27, 2012 07:52AM
Hi Karl,
I dont post much lately, I was browsing the ctx 3030 forum then I came here and caught your post, I remember trying to get a starting setting when I got my Exp. II and got the same responses you got, Maybe this will help you get started./
If your new to exp. ferrous might be easier to use for starters -
then try
Iron Mask / -16
Gain 7
thres tone - middle setting
Variability - I use 9 in conductive sounds, and 10 in ferrous usually for park hunting
Noise - try the highest one ,11 I think,if its to noisy do a noise cancel and let the det. choose.
recover- I think fast and deep off is good if you go slow
Response - Normal
Sens- depends on your ground, but if you can run manual at 22 - 24 you might be better off than using auto, but it depends on your location and its the easiest setting to toggle back and forth on,
I'm not to familiar with the pitch hold function , but I wouid probably leave that off till you get used to the target sounds, just my opinion, but I havent used it , I know its there for a reason.
These settings are probably going to get you going allright , and let the deep silver high fluty tone come thru.
Nothing is written in stone , you can change all or any settings as you go..
I use an Ex. II , but they aren't much different I think.

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