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Posted by: Bigtom123
Date: March 15, 2017 05:39PM
This is a explorer question,basically between the xs and e2 and,I owned the se pro and as always saw the greener grass.But it's not so green,and I'm looking to sell off my deus lite and get a explorer back again..
The xs from videos is slower to start up,than the explorer se..I'm fine with that,no big deal..And the numbers are slower to change too from what I see,again no big deal.The audio is what I can't seem to hear on the videos,I've always hunted by sound with the se pro,so my question is the audio on the se pro and the xs on the same in ground targets the same?i mean the xs audio isn't slowed down compared to the se pro is it? ..might sound like a dumb question but I just don't know,and I appreciate any help on this .

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