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Explorer SE and trashy trashy trashy sites.... Need help
Posted by: TabGrabber
Date: April 03, 2017 10:28AM
Background info: I've had my Exp SE (Pro coil) for a little over a month, done 15 hunts at an average of 4 hours per hunt. I have the SEF 6x8 coil along with the pro coil, and tend to use the 6x8 most. I also have Andy's book, and have read it twice so far.

Today I hit the curb strips of 4 abandoned 1920's houses, in about the oldest part of town. With the Explorer, it was like a symphony of signals, even at a snail's pace of swinging. The threshold was almost non-existent because of all the signals. I was running the default disc screen as shown below, and it was non-stop tones, and I couldn't get a solid stable hit. When I did find what I thought would be a target, I couldn't pin point at all. I ended up putting the Explorer away, and pulled out the Compadre, set the disc at 1ยข, and went to town digging clad.

I moved on to an upscale area that is also from the '20's, with a small park on one side of the street. I was expecting the strips to be cleaner, but not by much. I was able to use the Exp there, but when I went across to the park, again, there was so much trash that any real targets were nearly impossible to discern among the trash. Again I pulled out the Compadre...

Ended up with a miserable 91 clad coins ($3.29 ), lots of trash (emptied the bag 3x), a bullet, a key, and a play token. Not what I consider a productive day of hunting, especially as I was hunting for just under 6 hours. Only good thing was one of the homeowners invited me to hunt his 1917 house.

So how do you run your Explorer in these ridiculously trashy sites? Any advice and help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Explorer SE and trashy trashy trashy sites.... Need help
Posted by: BigTony
Date: April 03, 2017 08:14PM
Tab dude, trash sites are tough but they might hold a keeper or two. I go slow, I use both large and small coils (depends on my arm strength that day). I use both Cond and Fer sounds.
I don't get disappointed much - if I do I move to another area. Yesterday I landed a 1944 wheat in a heavy trash/deep iron patch in a park. I knew it would be difficult because of hunting there in the past with different machines. This time the Exp II was able to nail a wheat cent in a short 45 minute hunt (no brag, just happy) but now I can go back and attack it from a different angle or wait for the ground to dry out.
I also switch back and forth from Cond screen to digital screen. I love the numbers more but always check both screens.
You could go back and try different settings (cond/fer) and lower you sensitivity, at first you don't want to go deep you want to find out if there is a chance for older coins.
I am sure more folks on this site will have more detailed infor for you


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