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Explorer Co 07 & 08 Pull Tab, or gold?
Posted by: TabGrabber
Date: April 14, 2017 01:38AM
I dig every signal that has a mostly solid Co of 06, with allowance for some fluctuation, but there has to be an 06 hit for me to dig it, and when I do, 95% of the time it's a nickel. The other 5% is a broken newer pull tab. I can handle that ratio.

But what about a Co of 07 and 08? Every time I dig an 07 or 08, it's either a pull tab, part of a pull tab, and occasionally a ring pull, or bits of one. The rule of metal detecting is dig the pull tabs, because gold rings the same as a pull tab. But every reference chart I can find doesn't show really any 'good' targets ringing in at 07, except a 10kt woman's class ring, and a 14kt diamond ring (both from Chris Burrough's The Beep Goes On charts for the Exp & e-Trac).

I'm wondering if any of you Explorer users (I have the SE) have pulled gold that rang up as an 07 or 08 on the conductivity scale?

Re: Explorer Co 07 & 08 Pull Tab, or gold?
Posted by: BigTony
Date: April 14, 2017 03:26PM
Tabgrabber, I have an Exp II and agree that nickels don't always fall within a 10 - 05 to 11 - 06 range. On the Exp II the first number is ferrous and then the Conductive number.
I used a small five inch coil today and found that those numbers are mostly good for nickels. Higher or lower are tabs of some sort.
I have pulled gold rings with ferrous number at 7 and 8 but conductive can be all over the place. Gold items come in many sizes/thickness and different shapes.
Your on the right track in looking for rings when you dig nickels.
You can also test your wedding band in the field (if you have one).


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