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Gain and Sensitivity on the SE Pro
Posted by: Tony N (Michigan)
Date: May 14, 2017 03:52AM
This information is from the manual for the SE Pro on Gain and Sensitivity:

Gain -the Factory preset has been changed to 8, a higher setting from which it
used to be set at in both former Explorer models (used to be 5). This might become
noticeable right away as certain signals might be more pronounced with better,
faster, louder and sharper signals when compared to an older Explorer ll model.
Gain actually controls the amplification of target responses in respect to the
strength of the original signal. The theory is, with a high setting [8] even weak
target responses will initially be, easier to hear which could equate to more finds,
especially small low-conductive ones at the end of a day's detecting or increased
deeper finds from sites considered to be "worked out". On a modern site such as a
concert field looking for recent losses one could use a lower Gain setting coupled
with a Low sensitivity setting to deliberately look for surface/shallow finds as one
would not require the extra sensitivity to search for losses from a day or so ago.

Sensitivity - following along from an increased Factory Gain setting
there is also a noticeable increase to the Factory preset Sensitivity level - this is
now set to 22 - an increase of six sensitivity increments from a lower sixteen. As
a result of these two changes of (i) an increased sensitivity and (ii) gain setting it
will appear the Explorer SE is more powerful on turn-on compared to the older models.
These Settings have been increased at the factory and those settings were always present and
adjustable. There might be a trade-off from using higher settings and this could
result in unwanted noise and more ground signals. If this occurs simply lower the
settings via the Main Menu. However, bear in mind that, Semi-Auto Sensitivity can
be a good friend and will continuously monitor the environmental conditions and
will automatically adjust the detector's sensitivity as close as possible to the last
manually specified level of sensitivity - especially useful in those often difficult sites
with ever-changing ground conditions. Manual Sensitivity on the other hand
would be better suited to a trashy site or, where a very slow sweep is required or on
a beach.

So, if your ground conditions are always changing, use Semi-Auto Sensitivity.
In trashy sites, use Manual Sensitivity.

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