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Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: April 25, 2016 10:18PM
Here is the scenario, i have a masking test that no detector has ever passed or even come close to passing. I have tried machines that cost from 500 to 2500 dollars all the big names all with small coils. Found a used Fors Core and purchased it to see if it could pass. I have included a basic picture of my 6x6 inch plug that is 7.5 inches deep. Bottom of hole slightly off center is a dime, two and half inches up and at an angle to the dime is a two inch long crusty old nail that i found while detecting. The head of the old nail is about 1 inch from the dime. At 2.5 inches from surface i put a square tab that that is 2 inches from the dime.

The Fors Core will only see the dime if you have Id masked out both the iron and the tab. Will see the dime in Di2 or DI3 very rock solid 81-83 it is not jumpy in the least and when i say solid i mean solid.

Okay so you say what is the problem right? Well it is only a visual ID no sound period, it will not tone on the dime at all, but yet, the ID rock solid every swing of the coil. So bottom line is the machine sees the dime but will not sound off and i do not hunt watching the little ID screen i wait for tone then check ID. If there was a way to tweak ID mask somehow to go ahead and sound off on the 81-83 ID this machine could not be touched in trash hunting.

I know Nokta reads some of these forums i hope they see what i posted.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: nenadgbeepin
Date: April 26, 2016 11:13AM
Interesting. A few questions for you:

1. Was this using the stock 11x7" coil?

2. Did you try varying the Sensitivity a lot, say Sens 15, 35, 60, 85?

3. Was there a sound in GEN mode?

4. You said the CoRe will only see the coin with the iron and tab disc'd out, but what happens with the ID filter on minimum?

I'd really love to see what the small 5" OOR coil would do, and what a Gold+ with 10x5" coil would do as well.

Thanks for that

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Stoof-tabsallday
Date: April 26, 2016 11:43AM
Very cool test!!! Got me wondering.
I'd also like to see a comparison of the core and relic side by side. Never used the core but the videos on it pushed me to buy the relic. Was already saving for the core and figured why not.
I've only noticed the opposite in the field with there being faint or mixed tones but sometimes no ID coming through.
Very interesting.

Stefan (Michigan)

Nokta Fors Relic 7x11", 5.5x10"DD, 5", 5.5x10 Concentric

Makro Racer 2 - 7x11", 5.5x10", 5" DD

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:tesoro: Cibola- GB/all metal toggle mod
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Lots of coils

*Not listed in any special order*

Garrett carrot, lesche shovel, Killer B Wasps, my bare hands

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: April 26, 2016 01:17PM
1. I was using 5 in coil the stock i could not get anything from.

2 The sensitivity i did vary and lower was better up till the point that i lost the signal all together.

3.In Gen mode and cog i got the iron and the tab sounds but the detector wants to lock on that tab unless i had it ID masked out completely and thats when BAM a solid vid number on the dime every time.

4. ID filter on min you get a grunt on the iron nail and a tone for the tab and an ID of 57 or so only when i went above the tab would the ID lock on the dime and extremely solid i might add but try as i might i could get no tone. But man if they could make it tone in that situation wow, it would be the best detector i ever had my hands on.

You would be amazed how solid that VDI number is i thought it would be jumpy but it is rock solid! But i would never know it in the real world because i would just keep on swinging away if i get no sound.

Second best machine was the one that retails for about 2500 and is water proof ,, with the 6 in coil i can with an open screen get some very jumpy ID numbers but same thing i could get no tone at all for the good dime. And it wants to blend and average the good and bad targets together where the Fors Core is a solid VID number 81-83 every time.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: JFlynn
Date: April 26, 2016 01:31PM
Looks like you are learning what these machines can do. The CoRe opened my eyes a year and a half ago. The Racer will sound off but you have to decifer it amongst the other sounds. Now the R2, it's simply amazing what you can do with it killing the iron volume and tone breaking where you want. I've been killing it and love all my Turkish machines......

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: April 26, 2016 03:33PM
WIsh i could get my hands on a Racer 2 or a new Relic machine to see if they could pass the test. I have been watching for used Racer 2 or Relic when i get one i will post if it can pass the test.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: JFlynn
Date: April 26, 2016 04:41PM
So all you're not getting a little sound? Bump the disc back 1 number at a time until you hear it blend in and see if that helps. You should have some serious averaging of the metals going on there number wise but if the field just catches it, it should sound off on a high tone. Where you located TF

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: April 26, 2016 06:43PM
I live in Oklahoma, highly mineral red clay. i never got a blended tone when i get to just under square tab on the disc then all i get is 57 id and tone for the tab, which gives me no indication of the dime. Which if i did not know it was already there i would never find it. Well if i just watched the 1 in square display i would see the dime.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Sonorguy
Date: April 29, 2016 06:43PM
The other day with my CoRe I got a nice 82-83 tone one way, but not the other way, so I slowed down, I set my ID mask to 05 in DI3. I went over it several times and dug. First I pulled out two rusty nails, still target ringing 83, then about 7 inches down I pulled out an old button. wow, I was impressed, this was also in very dry soil, GBing around 63, stock coil. I love this machine, and the more you learn to trust it, the more goodies you will dig. yes, I've dug a few 'ghost' targets, ringing in around 80 that turn out to be bent nails, but hey, I'm ok with that.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: April 30, 2016 10:53PM
My Racer 2 came today. Put on the 5 in coil and no vdi or tone. So fors core is still the best so far even though it will only hit on the vid and no tone.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Grilled Scallops
Date: May 01, 2016 02:41AM
Strange that you can't find a detector which can pass that test. I would think a good DD coil would give you the separation you need on a lot of machines to get that dime.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: amberjack
Date: May 01, 2016 03:23AM
your welcome.


Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: May 01, 2016 09:17AM
Well the major problem here is masking. Most people perform masking in the same plane , which there are detectors with dd coils that will easily pull the dime from the trash. But if you put the unwanted items above your target most detectors start to fail miserably, that is why i created this test. Most detectors want to ignore the iron and lock on the tab as it is a non-ferrous item and a good conductor, even though we hate to dig them. The tab being a good conductor and above the dime all machines want to ignore the dime and lock on the tab. The only machine that comes close is the Fors Core, if you id mask out the tab and force it to ignore it,,, it will and it will give a good solid ID on the dime but in the programming it will not allow the machine to tone on it. This is why i started this post , if Nokta happens to see this , personally i think they can make the machine not only give solid ID ( which it already does) but also make the machine give a tone, so that as an operator i now take notice and start to watch the ID. If the machine would even just tone and no ID i would be happy cause i dig all good tones. But i do not watch the ID display constantly looking for good ID numbers that the machine failed to tone on. Most manufacturers have come along way , i can remember when almost all machines would fail a nail coin nail test in the same plane miserably. Nokta happens to be a company that listens to their users and i hope they are seeing this post.

Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: amberjack
Date: May 01, 2016 10:27AM
don't know haven't used a core or relic but I am with you most detecting is 3D not 2D. and sound is what we use to gain our attention whether to dig or look at a screen and then dig.

I know from seeing with my own eyes screens lie and are only a guide if you wanna find it all ya gotta dig it all , but in most cases that's not real so he who has the best 3D see through detector wins :bouncy:


Re: Fors Core is SO CLOSE
Posted by: dbado1
Date: May 01, 2016 11:40AM
Great post. I guess I'm going to have to be less lazy after reading your experience.
I pretty much stopped digging the one way good signals as of late because they all turn out to be garbage- especially in areas with lots of flat rusty tin. In some areas it is impossible to dig all of the one way-good signal would never get anywhere due to all of the trash that gives that one way good response. Lately, if the target doesn't give me at least a two way good response, I walk.
Thanks for the wake up call:sleepy:.


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