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Impact Rail Yard Finds
Posted by: dbado1
Date: April 30, 2017 10:58AM
Took the Impact back to the old rail yard yesterday. Mostly hunted in DI3. I played with some of the other modes but DI3 works best here because of all of the iron trash and, believe it or not, copper targets. DI3 IDs the copper really well so I can avoid it if I want to. I did notice that the Impact does not jump on lead like the Relic does. The Relic LOVES lead. The Impact loves odd shapes. Used the small coil.No EMI issues and there are power lines very near.

I finally found my first all brass shotgun shell, what appears to be a parasol handle, a few lead bag seals, and most odd, a huge chunk of something not copper. The copper looking blob is an example of what we find here...looks like copper. This blue/grey blob IDs higher than copper is silver underneath the "patina" and test for high silver content to an acid test. Nitric acid turns a creamy white color when it reacts and the red silver test acid turns a darker shade of red. No blue reaction at all. This spur was an intersection and loading area for a rail line that serviced a huge copper mine. The area is also known for its silver production. This large chunk was not found near the loading docks where all of the copper is found. I'm gonna have to take it somewhere for further testing. Cool piece whatever it is.

I'm really liking the Impact thus far and I haven"t even used most of it's modes yet.


Dean, you have results similar to mine.
Posted by: Monte
Date: April 30, 2017 12:14PM
One is that you are really liking the Impact, which I do as well. It doesn't bump my Relic or CoRe out of my Regular-Use arsenal, just joins them as they all complement each other quite well.

Second, is you are finding small 'undesirable' that just happen to be in with ferrous junk and can get our hopes up that they just might be something good.

Third, you find the crunched, stomped on full-length metal shotgun shells. My last was about twelve days ago, and as usual, pretty flattened. Matter of fact, I haven't found a full-length specimen that was complete and un-crushed/un-damaged specimen since '91. They sure don't show up very often and most come out looking like your find.

However, Congrats on that find because of the fact that they just don't get found very often.

I put in 5 hr. and 40 min. yesterday with the Impact which is a very long day afield for me anymore, especially in the sloped, sage covered and rocky terrain we hunted. No marvelous keepers to speak of, but the Impact's performance was still commendable at handling the dense iron debris and still sounding off on non-ferrous targets that mimic a good desired find. Keep enjoying it and best of success to you on your next foray afield.


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Re: Impact Rail Yard Finds
Posted by: dbado1
Date: April 30, 2017 03:30PM
I have been hoping to find one of those shells for years now. Although not in great shape, I can cross that one from my list. The lead box car seals are always fun to find. They have the box car number stamped on one side and the name of the rail yard on the other. This is the first square one I've found.

I ran into Calvin "Bunk" (maker of the Burro Pick) yesterday. He has made some nice finds along this railway. It was nice to catch up with him and chat a bit.
Anyway, I've got " honey do's" to finish. Best wishes.


Re: Impact Rail Yard Finds
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: May 01, 2017 06:09PM
Thanks for sharing Dean.

Nice finds.

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