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5/2/17 Nokta Impact air test 1
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: May 02, 2017 09:29PM
I had some time so I did an air test.

Standard air test warning: All machine can air test differently due to the conditions of each machine, the targets and the area it was tested. Not all results will be the same and this is NOT an indicator of what to EXACTLY expect when detecting targets in the ground.


Inside a living room containing much EMI

Running update:R1_V1.13_V1.11

Gain: 90

Frequency: 5khz

Coins were waived until a faint REPEATABLE signal was still heard.



The Di2 ran smooth for about 20 seconds then went ballistic. I do believe this was due to EMI(inside the house) and the high gain. A smaller gain outdoors would of had much less EMI



No surprise there. The Di3 mode is my favorite for hunting site quickly and don't usually use it for deep coins, however, 10" dimes are nothing to sneeze at either. EMI was mild but noticeable. Again, high gain and being indoors is most likely the culprit.



Those are ridiculous numbers. EMI was unbearable.



Much quieter EMI again was present but it was dampened. Reminds me of the f75 LTD 2 emi shielding..



Barely any EMI even at the 90 gain. The coins at that depth had a faint but noticeable "zing zing" sound to them. Check out the bottle cap*

*Bottle cap(new)
At 10"(and less) I KNEW without any doubt, that it was a bottle cap. The sound was unmistakable(iron blah) I really do think you can use this mode to be able to tell the difference between a good target and a bottle cap.
At 11-12" the bottle cap was descernable, but it would be hard to tell if it was a good or bad target.

Rusted Iron chain link(2 inches in diameter). I was able to tell that it was an iron target at any depth it was detectable at.


I hate to sound like a broken record, but being indoors at 90 gain, i should have bad EMI. it's outside that concerns me( I owe Dilek a video on it, It just has to stop raining and threatening tornadoes).

In my almost 30 years of detecting, I have owned a lot of machines. This one continues to impress me. It's like having a magician at your beck and call. Im starting to like it better than my CTX and that says a lot. in the field, it sniffs out good targets.In the hands of a experienced veteran, this machine can make finds appear where I thought there were none(see my posts on my first 5 hunts). I dogged it last weekend and didn't hunt Saturday or Sunday, But I plan on doing so often this summer.

Re: 5/2/17 Nokta Impact air test 1
Posted by: amberjack
Date: May 02, 2017 11:56PM
thanks for the report :biggrin:

do the beer caps come in with zincs?



Re: 5/2/17 Nokta Impact air test 1
Posted by: Favotti
Date: May 03, 2017 02:59AM
thanks for the report :biggrin:

do the beer caps come in with zincs?



So far for me its been quite easy to identify crown caps with the impact, they jump around quite a bit and don't lock on goldies or zinc numbers like say the racer, g2 or some other units do. With the ones that do hit like goldies or zincs (most don't) I find if you swing over the target quickly they don't register where as goldies still hit nicely. I have dug very few crown caps and I'm very happy with the impacts performance in this area, I'm really liking di99, it is great in trash for goldies.

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