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5/4/17 Nokta Impact and EMI
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: May 04, 2017 10:30AM
On the outset, I had bad EMI in three different spots. Yesterday. I went to one of the spots and tried everything I could to create the severe EMI issue I had before. Except for some mild chatter, I could not replicate it even at a 95 gain in di2. One(or all) of four factors were at work here:

I did not use the headphones that came with the pro-pack. I left them at home.

I updated the machine with the 5/2/17 update. The machine may have had the wrong software to begin with and the update brought it current.

I changed batteries from Duracells to the ones that came with the machine(99% sure this WASN'T the reason).

The EMI that was there before wasn't present now. It may have been that there was something that was running at the time I was not aware of.

More testing is needed here and I am working on it.

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