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5/8/17 Nokta Impact observations and updates
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: May 08, 2017 10:52AM
After three weeks with the Impact, I am still impressed. Here is an update of my current situation and experiences:

First, Video recording.

I took the plunge and bought a new video camera and mount. The current camera I have is poor on the sound and the way I had it mounted, you would get motion sick watching the videos. With my new equipment, I plan on doing many videos om me metal detecting, sharing my experience and skill. BTW, A big thank you to Bill S. as I watched how he has his camera set up and I plan to have it set up like wise.

Second, Impact observations:

This last weekend, I got out only once as heavy rain killed my Sat ans Sun hunting. As part of my testing routine, I am hitting places that have been cleaned of all the low hanging fruit.

My old school. This place I have found 20 or more silvers. The place was well hunted before I got there. I worked it with the Etrac and Ctx, my father with the Deus. This trip I didn't get any great targets, but the thing was, how the Impact performed was more interesting to me.

You see, in the past, the CTX ran quiet with discrimination. If I opened up the discrimination on the CTX, it sounded like a confusing chatter box. On the Impact, the machine seemed to easily differentiate between targets. I spent more time analyzing signals than digging them(which is OK because in the long run it will pay off big). I had NO idea that there were THAT many targets there.

I was working where the old bleachers, and there were loads of iron nails and some conductives. The way the machine separated was one thing, but the realization that hit me was a whole another thing.

Up until this point, the unmaksing I discovered with the CTX was when they stripped away a one inch layer of nails and all kinds of targets appeared. This machine, was showing me masking that the CTX was suffering from. It was like all of the sudden, I could understand the what the machine was seeing. It was a strange revelation.

Now, I love the CTX and have been using it SINCE it first came out(in fact I own two of them), and I had a huge argument on another forum about CTX and lacking in unmasking. No doubt in an isolated test, the CTX can unmask, but out in the field, it's a much different story.

All in all, I still need about 20-30 hours more testing before I can come to any sort of final conclusion.

Re: 5/8/17 Nokta Impact observations and updates
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: May 08, 2017 04:33PM
Good observation.

I have said,,,wwe as detectorist don't realize just how many different pieces of ferrous are in our sites.

Run a CTX and many others with smaller coils,,,you think you have a good idea on quanity ,,,run Impact with smallest coil,,,and you will be amazed at the difference of reporting,,numbers wise.

Thanks for sharing.

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