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Impact Coils and Wireless Headphones
Posted by: Nokta Detectors
Date: June 16, 2017 10:36AM
Hello all...I get emails from customers asking for an update on the optional coils and headphones for the Impact.

IM24 Waterproof DD Search Coil 24 x 13 cm (9.5" x 5") and IM40 Waterproof DD Search Coil 40 x 35 cm (15.5'' x 14'') are now in production and have shipped to most of the dealers around the world.

Wireless headphones - test samples have been received by the testers and we are waiting for their feddbacks.
If no issues are encountered, we will go to production. Will keep you updated.


Re: Impact Coils and Wireless Headphones
Posted by: Stoof-tabsallday
Date: June 16, 2017 02:44PM
Thanks Dilek!!!
You and your team are wonderful about keeping your customers informed!!!

Stefan (Michigan)

Nokta Fors Relic 7x11", 5.5x10"DD, 5", 5.5x10 Concentric

Makro Racer 2 - 7x11", 5.5x10", 5" DD, 7" concentric

:tesoro: Mojave
:tesoro: Deleon - Troy shadow super 7",
:tesoro: Compadre 8
:tesoro: Compadre 5.75
:tesoro: Bandido II Micromax
:tesoro: Outlaw
:tesoro: Cibola- GB/all metal toggle mod
:tesoro: Vaquero
:tesoro: Cutlass Micromax 8

Lots of coils

*Not listed in any special order*

Garrett carrot, lesche shovel, Killer B Wasps, my bare hands

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