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Couple of clad hunts with the Impact.
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: June 18, 2017 10:52PM
Congrats on getting out and having some success!
Posted by: Monte
Date: June 19, 2017 02:55PM
I've been working both my Impacts (wearing different search coils) at several ghost towns and a couple of encampment sites going mainly after old keepers, but the dense iron debris has been a challenge, not to mention the difficult terrain for me and my mobility issues. To make it worse, none of those locations have any trees or shade, and with clear blue skies and temps ranging from 87° to 98° it kind of takes a bit of the 'fun' out of the hunt. I can't handle the high heat or cold like I could in those younger years of detecting.

I think your video has sparked my interest in seeking out some older parks with trees that still have a fair amount of trash to deal with, so the Impact w/5X9.5 DD and I are going to work a few of them for few days until we get a cloudy and/or cooler day. I am also working on gaining access to a couple of rodeo grounds before the 4th of July and Rodeo season arrives since they have some lighting and I can use some shade and the dark-of-night to do some hunting.

That will be using the standard 7X11 DD coil in the more open, lower-target arenas. As a rule I grab my 15 kHz FORS CoRe w/7X11 for open area searches so it will me interesting to cross-check these two using comparable search coils and working at 14 kHz and 15 kHz frequencies.

Best of success to you as the year progresses, and keep us posted on your favorite choices of Modes, Frequency, etc.

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Re: Couple of clad hunts with the Impact.
Posted by: Beyonder
Date: June 19, 2017 03:08PM
Thanks Monte! Yes more video's are on the way, and I will be hitting spots that I never tried before. Also, I want to do some analysis videos of what I think is going on during the detection of a target.

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