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July 2 Notka Impact Outing
Posted by: Sven
Date: July 03, 2017 06:36AM
Had a choice this morning, head out to the park that was packed solid last night with people watching Canada day fireworks. Or head off to a couple school grounds and dig for treasures buried for many years.

For today’s first hunt:
Decided not to hit the park after I awoke and headed out the door at 6:30am. Headed out for one schoolyard to see if the Impact could pull out something from this well hunted school.

Today, the Impact with the 5x9 coil, was going to be used only in the DI99 mode. Discrimination mode with 99 tones. Low tone for target ID 0-15 and different higher tones for target numbers 16-99.
Was going to leave it in stock configuration settings except, the coil frequency. Set the frequency at 20khz, generally used for gold hunting. I also grabbed my wired Killer B headphones that I modified with different speakers over grabbing the wireless headphones. My wired headphones just sound so much cleaner and crisper..................

Arrived at the schoolyard, sun was out and the grass was all wet, just hate wet grass.......
Fired the Impact up, ground balanced and away I went. Hit a few targets dug them up, junk, a penny, then a ring---a gold ring---hoping. When I removed it from the ground it was broke in the back of the band. Just stuffed it in my pocket to check out later. Figured it was just gold plated pot metal. It’s so hard for any metal detector to even pick up a gold ring that is broke. And this was a thin ladies ring.

Detected this schoolyard for another half hour and started to run into some coin targets and some other stuff. Man o-man was there small foil, and I mean everywhere. I dug it to be sure, really tiny pieces at 4”. Have to say the 20khz frequency sure lit the area up, just like the older Fisher Gold Bug detector.
The Impact just cruised thru the stuff, separation between targets was fantastic. ID numbers were very tight on the foil, it was really easy to pass it on by. The tones also gave it away. The Impact shined with a higher tone along with higher ID numbers when there was a coin amongst the foilage. At 20khz found some very tiny targets, see the little stuff on the right side of the tray. At this point about 2 hours passed, very educational experience in DI99 mode. Had to make a concious effort not to stray into another mode, its so easy to do with a press of a button. Hung in there and proceeded to hunt the large play field. Not may good targets, what was found was an average of 6” deep. Mostly pennies, one was a 1932 King George penny, nothing special, just cool to find. Had one of the deepest schoolyard coin finds ever. Had a good high tone signal, don’t recall if I based digging on the ID number. Anyways started digging down after cutting a 5” plug. I don’t see the target, dug around another inch, still nothing, grabbed my pinpointer, shoved the tip down the hold. Yupper, still there right straight down in the center of the hole. Dug some more, pinpointer said go deeper. Figured by this time it was iron junk.
Down this deep, might as well go a bit deeper...LOL There it was at 9” , a real 9”, measured it. It was that 1932 penny mentioned above.

After finding that 1932 penny, spent another two hours in that playfield. Learned that the Impact would give out a high tone without an ID number, seemed to always be at least for today, a clad Canadian dime about 5-6” deep, on edge or canted on an angle.

The sun was no beaming down , getting warmer and my feet were soaked from the earlier wet grass.
It was time to break away from this schoolyard and hit one more before I get sun burnt.

By the way, that maybe gold ring I found after cleaning it up was 9kt gold.

Today’s second hunt:
Took a 5 minute drive down to another school yard with running track, soccer field and a football field.
The football field was fenced off, started off detecting around the soccer field. The Impact was acting like a jitterbug, there must have been some buried ultility lines where I was detecting. The EMI was a chore to deal with, could not get the Impact to settle down. Kept on detecting and it was a do-able thing. Did find several coins that broke thru the falsing. When I had enough, headed to the sports field in the back of the school. Conditions were much nicer, some EMI along one particular fence bordering the tennis courts. Found some coinage, nothing exciting to shout about. Probably spent about an hour here before calling it quits. The sun was too bright and my stomach was asking for food and water, packed up and went home.

Today’s third hunt:
Wife thought I had enough, told her that I was going back out later in the day........went the sun isn’t feeling as mean. Loaded up the car and took a 2 minute drive down the road to a soccer field. One you need to be very careful with your holes. This place I have hunted numerous times with numerous detectors. The last hunt with a Tesoro Mojave did decent, thought by now there would be just about nothing left to find except trash. Boy, was I wrong. Found a pile of scrap’in change, most in the 5-6” range. Haven’t found anything deeper than that here. The Impact played nice here, happy with the results.

Once again, finding overall the Notka Impact works excellent finding Canadian clad coinage, CA clad coin target ID numbers do bounce, most no more than a couple numbers which is better than many detectors out there. It is getting easier to tell trash from treasure every time out. Can’t wait to try out the next detector mode. Only other issue I had today besides the school EMI was EMI from my Deteknix Pinpointer. It’s a PI device, when turned drives the Impact crazy even with the search coilP pointed 4’ away from it. That’s only when the detector is operating at 20khz, no issues at 14khz or 5khz.

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Re: July 2 Notka Impact Outing
Posted by: Mudwhale
Date: July 03, 2017 07:42AM
Great story and nice finds! I have played with a bunch of the different modes on my Impact but seem to always use DI99 in the end. DI3 is a close second because of the adjustable audio and tone breaks. NOKTA!!!! Please give us adjustable audio in DI4 mode!!!! PLEASE!!!

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Nice day's worth of effort. :thumbup: .. And 99 = 85
Posted by: Monte
Date: July 03, 2017 08:12AM
Glad to hear you are enjoying the new Impact. I know I do, and while I do put all of my Regular-Use Detectors to work, I tend to be grabbing my Impact more often, using the 5" DD the most in iron littered ghost towns, and really enjoying the new 5X9½ DD for fringe areas with less trash and a bulk of my urban Coin Hunting in more open areas like sports fields, yards, etc.

I've used the Di-99 mode often in a variety of sites, but placers where I hunt most often it's not the best for isolating keepers from trash, simply due to the volume of variable conductive junk targets I contend with. Di-3 is used the most with the small 5" DD coil, and sometimes Di-4. Di-99 isn't my favorite search mode, but I am enjoying it more as I put it to work on an intermittent basis to check or counter-check some target signals. One of the easy-to-use and 'Functional' things about the Impact's design.

Just a reminder to readers that Di-99 offers us '85' different tones. One tone for the ferrous range of 1 to 15 VDI, then '84' additional tones for each numeric segment of 16 thru 99. Not perfect for everywhere, but useful for many types of hunt sites.


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