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Nokta Impact Kills the Clad :canadaflag:
Posted by: Sven
Date: July 08, 2017 08:37PM
Another long day detecting with the Impact. Up at 5am and out the door by 6, early risers get the clad...LOL
Had three places to try, made it to all of them.

Today the Impact was going to be used in DI3 mode, Disc mode with 3 tones, factory presets,14khz.
The first place was huge, it would take a week to cover every inch, picked a spot near a baseball diamond that appears to have been there for some time.
My first signal was a good target, a Toonie ($2), great way to start the day. Scanned the hole again, whoopie another Toonie. For the next 3 hours, I was pulling out mostly Toonies, Loonies ($1), quarters, nickels and dimes, not so many pennies. All the while thinking this place is going to be great. Finished off the approx. 200'x 200' area then decided to see what the rest of the site was going to be like. My dreams were dashed, it sucked, for 2 hours wandered around. Went back to the area that was producing and grid detected cross wise to see what I missed. Not much, maybe about 10 coins, by the way found a thin silver ring.

To finish off the day, headed over to a couple spots I have done in the past. Wanted to see if the Impact could scrape up a few coins. Oh yeah, it did, made it worth checking again. First silver dime in a long time, found about $4 or so, and lost a Loonie. Was wearing my other pouch which didn't have a real wide opening, so the Loonie never slid into the pouch. It slid over the pouch and got away.

The Impact gives off a distinct audio tone when it finds quarters, nickels, Loonies and Toonies.

Overall, had an excellent day.

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Re: Nokta Impact Kills the Clad :canadaflag:
Posted by: Mega
Date: July 08, 2017 08:53PM
Some lovely finds mate,well pleased for you.

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Re: Nokta Impact Kills the Clad :canadaflag:
Posted by: dbado1
Date: July 08, 2017 09:23PM
Man, I wish there were $2 U.S. coins! Looks like you may have paid your fuel bill. Good work!


Congrats, Sven! And I feel like Dean and
Posted by: Monte
Date: July 08, 2017 09:34PM
also wish the USA had ditched the 1¢ coins and the paper currency, keeping the modern $1 coins in circulation and adding a $2. Maybe even a $5 coin! They wouldn't have to be as large as those Canadian coins you have, either. Take a look at the Australian $2 coin. I'd rather have those in my pocket to spend, and especially enjoy finding them out and about while detecting. Here in the USA we have too many pennies and seldom encounter much that is a larger denomination than 25¢. :(

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Re: Nokta Impact Kills the Clad :canadaflag:
Posted by: Mudwhale
Date: July 09, 2017 08:01AM
Congrats on the coins!!!

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Re: Nokta Impact Kills the Clad :canadaflag:
Posted by: dan b
Date: July 11, 2017 05:13AM
Yeah, we ditched the penny a few years back and no one misses it. We just round up or down. It all works out in the end. When I go to the US and get pennies as change, I usually tell the cashier to keep them.


Re: Nokta Impact Kills the Clad :canadaflag:
Posted by: Sataro
Date: September 10, 2017 08:16AM
Congrats on the finds! Looks like a nice day out hunting.

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