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Impact finds from 90 minute Hunt.
Posted by: Doctorcoinz
Date: August 16, 2017 02:48AM
I tried my new Gold Ring "Program" out the other day on a trashy site , I have found quite a few rings on this site including 1 Gold Ring with other detectors
though. I am now digging any signal that is not ferrous. No matter how bad the signal sounds it is dug. The small coil was used (7 x 4.)

Nice brief report on what it takes to find jewelry.:thumbup:
Posted by: Monte
Date: August 16, 2017 08:22AM
That's what I do as well. Recover a lot of iffy non-ferrous junk in order to be successful. I don't seem to have mastered the 'brief report' concept yet. :rofl:

That new 4X7½ DD coil is a favorite for me when Coin & Jewelry Hunting typically trashy urban sites or around swimming and wading area where jewelry tends to be more commonly found. A nice coil for those uses.


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Re: Impact finds from 90 minute Hunt.
Posted by: Doctorcoinz
Date: August 16, 2017 04:38PM
Yes the pile of junk I have just posted a picture of is what you must all be digging and taking home in order to pull GOLD from foil and slaw.
I might possibly have to take home another 20 or 30 loads of junk before the GOLD comes through. Pot luck really though , I have found the GOLD rings on the first session quite a few times. Happy hunting....

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