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Date: August 18, 2017 02:38PM
what is your favorite setting in iron infested sites,your lake gold hunting settings,it has been to hot in TEXAS for me to start using my impact i have a lot to learn so many options.My ears are open to advice.been detecting for many years.Oi am waitting for the water detector Nokta will be putting out when ready.i have found more GOLD in the water than i have land.

Re: impact
Posted by: Tom Slick
Date: August 18, 2017 04:49PM
For Iron infested sites I use DI3, Gain 95, Disc 3, Iron Vol. 01, No Notch, Tones 15-35-70, Tone Breaks 15 & 65, iSat 01, Freq. 20kHz

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Re: impact
Posted by: Rick, N. MI
Date: August 18, 2017 06:34PM
Iron sites I use:
Sensitivity 85
Disc 3
Iron Volume 1
Tone Break 5-6
iSat 1

Also have Deep and Gen setup and will switch on some signals to get a better idea.
Sensitivity 85
Disc 3
Iron Volume 1
Tone Break 20-21
iSat 1

Sensitivity 99
Threshold 40
Disc 20-21
iSat 4

Would like to see other settings that are used.


Re: impact
Posted by: Mudwhale
Date: August 18, 2017 06:58PM
I use DI99 with zero disc. I can here everything in the ground. Others don't like this mode because it's a little noisy and don't understand the music but I love it. This mode once you understand it tells all.

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Re: impact
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: August 18, 2017 11:05PM
For those kinds of sites.

Can't maybe find all using one set of settings.

I usually hunt with DI99 20k, isat lowest setting, gain 99

Or I run DI3 gain maxed , 20k isat lowest setting.
Set highest tone break to 95, run mid tone in the middle band.
This means I disamiss high tone falses that read higher (iron), and concentrate on mid tones only.
This above settings wise with smallest coil

My saved Impact settings, and things I like to do.
Posted by: Monte
Date: August 20, 2017 06:11PM
First I'll explain my mode and setting choices as they will be somewhat dependent on the search coils size and type I am using as well as the site environment of ground mineral and trash target challenges.

If I am using one of the two smaller-size search coils (the round 5¼" DD and 4X7½ DD), I use the processed Di3 three-tone mode the bulk of the time, occasionally switching to Di4. This is for hunting any densely littered site, most especially iron debris with a lot of rusty tin or rusty tin shards. Dense iron trash = smaller search coil and Di3.

On low to modest trash I like to use the Di2 two-tone most of the time, especially if the iron junk is mainly nails that are well scattered. For these types of sites I like the new 5X9½open-frame DD coil. Depending upon the site environment and what I am mainly searching for (be it Coin & Jewelry Hunting or Relic Hunting) I will sometimes opt for Di99 or even GEN mode, at times also switching to the DEEP mode.

When working large, open areas like farm fields, open range land, or urban sports fields or big grassy parks, the standard 7X11 DD coil often gets the nod due to sparse targets that are well spread around causing less good-target masking. Here I might work in GEN, Di2, DEEP or just kind of switch things up and play around a little to see if something different seems to 'click' for that site.

So, once I eyeball a location I am not familiar with I make a search coil decision first to best deal with what's at hand, then I will use the program mode I have saved, or select a different search mode. Also, I almost always start or hunting at the default turn-on operating frequency of 14 kHz, then make Frequency changes as I feel the best fit the site I am hunting. In heavy iron contaminated sites I will shift to 20 kHz as a rule, or when I am mainly going after gold jewelry or other lower-conductive targets. In sites that have very little debris, and also very little iron junk, and it I feel there has been enough ground disturbance or other events that might have cause surface build-up or displacement of lost targets such that they might be a little deeper, then I opt for the 5 kHz and work the site in a slow and methodical manner to try and eek out any deeper-positioned targets. I might also pick 5 kHz when going after silver coinage and other higher-conductive targets.

what is your favorite setting in iron infested sites
Dense, closely associated iron with a heavy concentration of rusty tin to use Di3:

'99' - Gain
'03' - Discrimination
'02' - Iron Audio Volume
'15' - '40' - '70' - Audio Tone
'15' - '62' - Tone Break
'01' - iSAT

In low-to-modest iron debris to rely on the mid-sized 5X9½ DD coil and use Di2:

'95' - Gain
'03' - Discrimination
'02' - Iron Audio Volume
'15' - '50' - Audio Tone
'15' - Tone Break
'01' - iSAT

Note that my saved programs for each search mode start out at a higher Gain level. I decided decades ago that I am better served if I start out at a high to maximum Gain level, then adjust down should I need to better handle EMI than I am to start out at a lower setting then slowly work my way up to a find the higher level that will function well. This even works fine in most iron littered sites.

your lake gold hunting settings
When I work wet zones it is most often in streams, rivers and lakes/reservoirs, mostly freshwater, and I will start out in Di2 at 14 kHz and then determine what changes I might fell better about for that particular site. The same is true when I hunt saltwater beaches where I generally pick the4 COG mode.

i have found more GOLD in the water than i have land.
I haven't. I spend far more time hunting dry ground than I do wet, and for over 52 years I would guess that 90%-95% of my gold jewelry has come from sites away from a coastline, lakes and rivers. I haven't lived in any really fantastic beach areas or other sites that generate a lot of jewelry loss, although some have been quite good in years past.

Just a little info that might be of some help.


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Re: My saved Impact settings, and things I like to do.
Posted by: cjc
Date: August 23, 2017 08:32PM
Great post, Monte.

Re: impact
Posted by: cjc
Date: August 24, 2017 08:00PM
That's kind of along the same lines as I'm going, Rick. D2 is more accurate than deep although deep is a great search tool. Gen is a good checker as well-maybe with a bit of boost.
rgrds clive

Re: impact
Posted by: General Custer
Date: September 22, 2017 02:09AM
I like DEEP mode for its raw power.Power usage at 20 Khz is higher than any other combination.My sites are high mineralisation and free of iron. In discrimination modes gold has been said by some to give low iron tones. I don,t think this is true with the Impact as I have tested gold and it gave a higher pitched tone than iron and about 45 ID in DI2 mode.I have been using GEN mode mainly due to its high stability in my sites, but my field testing shows GEN is rather puny in depth compared to DEEP which as a rule doubles the depth. Not sure about tone break setting but the default 40 could reject gold so setting it to 20 might be better. According to the manual DEEP mode is not supposed to be used in high mineralisation but with the gain down to 63 it runs well.

Re: impact
Posted by: General Custer
Date: October 19, 2017 03:45PM
I don't understand why Nokta set the tone break in DEEP mode at default 40. I was running at 20 Khz.With a rusty nail I got a high pitch signal same as gold and it did not mask out the nail. I had to dig it up in very hard ground ground.Occasionally I was getting a low tone but can only surmise they were hot stones.So to reject rusty iron I had to do a field test to get a better setting for the tone break which turned out to be 20.At 15 it was masking gold as well as the iron.DEEP mode is my favorite for hunting deep gold in high mineralisation and relative clean sites. Gain 70,iSAT 01.disc.10. On very high mineralised ground I set the gain down to 63 to make it run fairly quiet.The Impact is a beast on hot ground and soaks up everything thrown at it. The only time it overloads is in extreme mineralisation (100% on the meter).

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