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impact instructions
Posted by: tigermoth
Date: September 22, 2017 08:51PM
I am very happy camper with this detector but the old brain is having trouble following the the instruction book on some things, am I the only one or are there others with the same problem,thank god for utube I've got as far as i have,one thing I need to ask is when you save programs how do you name them and find them,I havent updated yet until i get a better handle on this machine but as i say I'm having fun with good results,I will be of to the gold fields in a weeks time and will post my results, thanks Bazza

Re: impact instructions
Posted by: Mudwhale
Date: September 23, 2017 12:50PM
You can only save 1 version of each of the factory programs. When you turn on the machine these will now be your default settings for each mode you saved and want to use. If you want to go back to the factory default settings, go into the save menu and select FD.

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Re: impact instructions
Posted by: tigermoth
Date: September 23, 2017 07:31PM
A big thanks Mudwhale,that helps solve that query ,some times we read to much into things, I wanted to get a detector that would challenge me a bit more and this has been fun for sure , no complaints this end Nokta have done a great job , I picked up the at pro and it felt like a brick,the balance of the impact is perfect for me,Happy hunting Bazza

Bazza, my opinions of the Nokta Impact User Manual.
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 23, 2017 11:13PM
Okay. As most readers know, I like 'Simple' so I'll keep this first reply just that, 'Simple.'

I find ALL of the Nokta and Makro User Manuals to be some of the best thought-out, best organized, and are some
of the most clear and easy to understand of any detector manuals I have read this past 52½ years I have been detecting!

I am very happy camper with this detector but the old brain is having trouble following the the instruction book on some things, am I the only one or are there others with the same problem, ...
No problem here, but it might help if you direct us the to page and specific part you do not understand. I'll be glad to help once I know the specific topic.

... thank god for utube I've got as far as i have,
Well, SOME of the You-Tube offerings have some merit, but I also see al lot of things on 'the tube' that are misleading or don't really provide needed specifics, such as the settings used, etc.

one thing I need to ask is when you save programs how do you name them and find them,
The Nokta Impact has twelve (12) search modes. They are always there to select from in the upper left-hand mode display. You have 12 different search modes that are already named, and you can't change their name. Just select the search mode you want to use.

Each of the programs have their own Factory Default Settings and you can use them all 'as-is' by NOT making any changes to them ... or ... you can select a search mode and make whatever adjustment function changes you would like for each mode.

Once you make changes to have them set up the way you are likely to use them, just SAVE them and move on to the next Mode and, again, make the changes you would like then SAVE all the changes as you prefer them for that particular Mode.

NOTE: As you move from one mode to another then SAVE the changes, you are saving all changes to the Mode you are in and it retains all of the settings you have adjusted for in the other modes.

Once you have made changes to any or all search modes to configure them the way you would like to have them at turn-on, and when you have SAVED all of the programs for each Mode, you can then do the following:

If you only have one Impact, determine which search coil you will likely use the majority of the time. Then, decide which search mode you would most likely use most often with that search coil and select that particular Mode. It should have all of the desired settings you plan to use with that coil for hunting most sites.

Now, with that coil mounted and ready-for-use, and being in the mode you desire to hunt with most often, again select the SAVE feature.

Now you have all of the basic setting changes made for each Mode and have decided which Mode you want to start hunting in at turn-on and have selected that Mode. Once it is then SAVED, you can now turn Off the Impact. The next time you want to use the Impact, at turn-on it will start up in the last-saved search Mode.

EXAMPLE: I own two Nokta Impacts. On my most-used Impact I have either the 5" DD or new 7" Concentric coil mounted because I most often hunt in very littered environments. Because I do, I have made all my preferred settings and SAVED them when I was in Di3 (Three Tone) because that is the Mode I use most often with the smaller coils mentioned I dense iron and trashy sites.

On my 2nd Nokta Impact I have the new 5X9½ DD coil mounted, and for it my most often used search Mode is Di2, so that is the last Mode I selected when I SAVED all my programs. Now, with that coil mounted full-time, when I turn that Impact On it starts up in Di2 with my desired settings. Pretty 'Simple' and it helps make my Impact units for 'Functional' as they are ready-to-go at turn-on.

I havent updated yet until i get a better handle on this machine but as i say I'm having fun with good results,
'Good results' kind of come naturally, I have found, and I thoroughly enjoy the Nokta Impact. Thoroughly!

Here is one alert: Once you have saved all of the program functions as you like them for each and every search Mode, get a pen and note book and sit down and relax for a few minutes. Take the time to walk through each Mode, one-at-a-time, and log ALL of the different programs' functions for each Mode as you desire them. All of the settings you made, including Expert settings.

You will need to have this information in case:

1.. You or someone ever goofs and selects Factory Default which will erase all your personalized setting preferences.

2.. You do an On-Line Download update to any newer software settings. Why? Because doing so is quite likely to update any and all new factory changes, but it also resets ALL Modes to the Factory Default settings. Therefore, you'll need your notes to go in and update all Modes to your desired settings.

I will be of to the gold fields in a weeks time and will post my results, thanks Bazza
What type of gold fields and located where, generally speaking? Here in the USA or in some foreign (to me) land?

If you are planning to hunt native gold, is this in a gold nugget bearing area? If you are using the Impact, which search coil(s) do you plan to use and which search Mode, operating Frequency and general settings? Best of success to you in advance.


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Re: impact instructions
Posted by: tigermoth
Date: September 27, 2017 06:52PM
Thanks Monte I found your reply helpful,things are coming together now and things are making sense ,the gold fields I'm heading to are in Victoria Australia called the golden triangle,it has some of the most extreme materialised soil in the world and my aim is to detect old miners camps that are almost imposable to do with pi detectors due to the iron content,Its going to be testing my limited skill using this detector. I bought the pro pack so ill have the pleasure of using both coils, my settings will be decided after I have arrived on site and done a few tests to see what mode works for me ,Best of luck to you Bazza

Re: impact instructions
Posted by: General Custer
Date: October 14, 2017 01:31AM
tigermoth I have been using the Impact in the GT for a total of 40 hours since May.It is really fairly easy to use. The bureaucrats at Nokta have overblown it into an unnecessarily long manual. It has been too cold at nights this year to camp out on the diggings.I think due to the La Ninja The Impact is very stable in our very highly mineralised ground so you made a wise decision to buy it.The Impact has default settings for each mode which Nokta says are optimal settings for those modes.This in theory should make it easier for novices to use the Impact but in reality we have to fine tune it for our own particular uses and gold prospecting is no exception.GEN mode is the most stable and sensitive to smaller and more shallow gold.The default settings only need to be changed as follows-
!. If you are using earphones decrease threshold to 45 from 55.
2.increase discrimination from 00 to 01.That way you will get two tones in GEN mode and get a low tone for hot rocks and iron and a high tone for gold.
3.Set tracking mode from 00 to 01,in effect switching it on.
1.For gold nuggets set frequency from 14 to 20 Khz.

DEEP mode is also stable for prospecting but Nokta have undervalued it in high mineralisation for some reason which baffles me and they only suggest using it in low/medium mineralisation. However I have done some depth tests of buried non ferrous objects in the GT and can advise that this mode gives GEN mode a thrashing and increases depths for objects about 1.5 inches in diameter by 100%.That is why I have included it for gold prospecting and the fact I have encountered very little trash but heaps of hot rocks.
1. Reduce tone break from 40 to 20.This will mask iron but not gold.I am not sure if it will mask hot rocks or give the low tone for them.It is a two tone mode.
2.Change frequency from 14 to 20 Khz.This will make it more sensitive to low conductivity metal such as gold.
3..Change tracking from 00 to 01.
Gain can be reduced from 70 to 63 if desired depending on the ground mineralisation.It is more chatty in this mode but still fairly quiet for me and I prefer it to hearing the constant threshold sound of GEN mode,

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