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Anyone run the 15" Nokta coil on Impact?
Posted by: Sand dog
Date: October 16, 2017 01:24PM
Interested in any reviews on the Nokta big coil on the Impact. Thanks


Re: Anyone run the 15" Nokta coil on Impact?
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: October 16, 2017 03:41PM
John I wish I had places to run this monster coil. I had the 15" coil for my Racer and tested it at a friends permission, which is a ploughed field that previously had Spanish influence. I felt the coil performed very well, it was every bit as sensitive to small targets as I dug a Phoenix cuff button at depth, as well as a cuff flat button at depth. Also got a large flat button and a Indian fertility pendant, and the usual bits and bobs, so it was a very good hunt.

Unfortunately 95% of my sites require the 11" or smaller coil due to iron, heavy brush and vegetation overgrowth, etc. but I felt it was a pretty good coil, only gripe was that it did get heavy and that slowed me down quite a bit as the hunt progressed. I surmised that by the end of the hunt, it's possible I'd covered more ground with the 11" coil just due to it creating less arm fatigue, but then again I probably need to work out my arms more :shrug:

Definitely would be good for the beach, and plowed fields.


Re: Anyone run the 15" Nokta coil on Impact?
Posted by: Sand dog
Date: October 16, 2017 04:33PM
Thanks for the info Brian I appreciate it, I'm thinking of giving one a try for plowed field hunting but wanted to hear opinions on it before I dropped the coin on one. Thanks


John, that coil has it's place with an Impact set-up, and
Posted by: Monte
Date: October 16, 2017 05:04PM
as Brian mentioned it's generally at-its-best when working wide-open sites where targets are more sparse and spread out.

I have only used mine maybe a half-dozen times, often to re-work a couple of those types of placers I have already hunted just to check them again. A very sensitive coil, and I found it to balance much better on the Impact. The larger coil for the Racer series, original or '2', gets to be a bit uncomfortable in a short period of time. Matter-of-fact, with the Racer 2 I can hunt with the small 'OOR' or round 5" DD coils 'comfortably,' where the 5½X10 mid-sized DD and standard 7X11 get me tuckered out.

When I want to use a mid-sized or larger coil, either the FORS CoRe or Relic devices have served me quite well and are far more comfortable to use than the Racer series. At least for me and my bad back. The Impact, using similar-sized coils, is more comfortable and less fatiguing than the Racer's and almost as pleasant as the FORS series models. It is naturally going to be a little heavier and balance different from the stock 7X11, but I actually prefer it on the Impact when conditions allow me to opt for anything bigger than the 5", 4X7½, 5X9½ DD's or 7" Concentric coils (all of which I need to replace, except for the 5X9½ and large coils, after the theft from my vehicle a week ago). All my accessory coils, 5 detectors and other accessories almost wiped me out when I made an emergent run to the hospital in Portland, OR when my Mom had a serious heart attack. Almost gave me one!

If you have big sites, open sites and are shopping, put it on your list.


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Re: Anyone run the 15" Nokta coil on Impact?
Posted by: CCadrin
Date: October 16, 2017 05:43PM
It is a phenomenal coil. I've used it on a very hard hit trashy park. Most of the coins less than 4" are already recovered and a lot of the shallow trashy have been removed. This coil is deep. I hit shards of copper 1/10 of the penny at 7+ inches. Last week I was blown away hitting a 14k .8 gram gold ring at 9". I was use DI3. The key to using the coil is to wait and listen for a very clean sharp tone. The coil would best be used in an open field but I wanted to hit deep targets. DI99 is also great with it but you will be bombarded with lots of tones.

Re: Anyone run the 15" Nokta coil on Impact?
Posted by: Sand dog
Date: October 18, 2017 09:48PM
Monte, I hope your mom is ok. I really appreciate all the info from everyone, gonna order one of these coils for hitting the plowed fields I hunt. I hope you get your detectors back and catch the scum that stole them. Thanks


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