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Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: November 02, 2017 10:17PM
E800 is going to solve that "problem" Brian! (I hope)
Definitely not planning to sell my Impact any time soon, just need to think about how to fix the ergonomics so my thumb doesn't go numb....

I too like the 20khz mode, cuts through mineralization and yes it does love gold :clapping: I'm hoping to hit the desert this weekend before it's lost for the winter, getting darn cold out there already, winter snows will be here soon.

My hope as well, but the Racer2 stays no matter what :detecting:

Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: El
Date: November 03, 2017 09:30AM
What is E800? Been away for awhile.

Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: November 03, 2017 11:34AM
Hey El-----Sorry about that, I should have spelled it out (I got lazy):wink:----Minelabs new Equinox 800 that there is a lot of "buzz" about.----They are supposed to be coming out with a little less expensive Equinox 600 also.--------Del
What is E800? Been away for awhile.

Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: El
Date: November 03, 2017 01:08PM
Thanks Del.

Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: CCadrin
Date: November 03, 2017 08:13PM
I am never giving up my Impact. It hits harder on deep silver then my CTX.

Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: Busparts
Date: November 06, 2017 01:50PM
The Impact works great, Found a 1939 dime in a place I have hunted with my XP Deus on Friday. But the Ergonomics makes it tough to hunt with it. I put a small pad to keep my arm from sliding back and forth. I also have to use the arm strap. Just not balanced well and the angle on the grip is wrong for me. Haven't tried to sell it yet, because I really like the way it works.

'busparts,' it's good to hear you're finding stuff with
Posted by: Monte
Date: November 06, 2017 03:10PM
your Impact.

Weight, balance, grip and comfortable fit can always be an issue with most any detector. I don't have a problem with my Impact, Relic or CoRe, or other brands and models that I like to use. They are not all perfect, but they are all comfortable and controllable enough for me to enjoy the hunt. Just a thought here, but the new Impact I got had the arm cup in a much different position and I scooted it forward to match how my other Impact's arm cup is positioned.

Maybe changing the arm cup position or double checking the rod length might help a little with your grip and the balance or feel? What search coil were you using and have you tried any other coil? That can make a difference as well.


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Re: Going to Sell IMPACT
Posted by: Busparts
Date: November 06, 2017 04:48PM
Will try moving the arm cuff down. Have 3 different coils, 11x7, 9.5x5, 7.5x4 used all 3, but i like the little one. Has decent depth and is great in trashy areas. But doesn't have enough weight to hold it down. It's like I have to keep pushing down on the handle, arm strap helps.

Busparts glad you're giving it further chance . . .
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: November 08, 2017 01:30AM
The Impact is a fine machine, but I agree the ergonomics are a bit off, at least for me. If the hand grip had some adjustment north and south, say 15 degrees in either direction, and the arm cup was adjustable east/west, it would suit everyone. The great thing is that Makro/Nokta listen to their customers, so I'd surmise that their next machine will have improved ergonomics, not to mention improved performance :)

Sudden Impact
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: November 08, 2017 11:58PM
You all just need to have more massive forearms to completely fill that arm cuff. :devil: To the weight room for all of you. :laugh:

Maybe you need to give Jeff Herke a jangle and see if he will make a custom arm cuff for you.

Rich -

. . . . enjoying the vistas and horizons of the Old West.

Re: Sudden Impact
Posted by: Low-Boy/LCPM
Date: November 09, 2017 10:43AM
I would get a carpal tunnel brace and adjust the stem length...might try the next size smaller coil. I have a bad wrist and use a brace and no problems.


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