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Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: December 02, 2017 07:20PM
Can someone list the coils that are available at this point in time for the Nokta Fors Relic?

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Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: TellYaWhut
Date: December 02, 2017 09:02PM
5" round, 5x9, 7x11 spider, and 13x15 spider. Relic coils are all DD and black in color. Fors Gold Plus coils will also work on the Relic. These are white in color (same size). Their is one additional coil with the Gold Plus and that is the 5x9 concentric.

Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: OregonGregg
Date: December 03, 2017 06:58AM
FR29 Waterproof DD Search Coil (28.5x18 cm (11"x7"))

FR13 Waterproof DD Search Coil (13 cm (5"))

FR24 Waterproof DD Search Coil (24x13 cm (9.5"x5"))

FR40 Waterproof DD Search Coil (39.5x34 cm (15.5"x13"))

Del these are the current ones listed on Nokta's website. Notice the 5.5 x 10 coil (FR26) is gone/discontinued but you can still find them for sale or just buy the Fors Gold+ version. The Fors Gold + coils are interchangeable so if you do not like black coils you can get the white coils. And, the Fors Gold plus has the 5.5 x 10 Concentric coil (FGP26C) that you can also use on your Relic machine.

Del being your kinda new to the Relic machine, maybe we better start ya out with the 5" coil and in time we can take off the training wheels and start getting you into the "bigger coils" :smoke: BTW its low 20's at night and 40's in the how you doing down there? And I'm still mad at you and Patsy for not stopping and picking me up to go South with ya. Tell Patsy hi for me. :smile:

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Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: December 03, 2017 08:16AM
Thanks guys for the listings, appreciate it.----I may try to get that FR24 if Kellyco has them in stock.----Anyone else in the U.S. that sells them?---------Gregg----that's no kiddin---I've been on training wheels using the 5" coil---done really well with it actually--good little coil.------It's been pretty warm down here but I have my tank tops!:wink:-------I'll tell Patsy "hi" for ya.

Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: KindManTall
Date: December 03, 2017 09:38AM
that FR24 if Kellyco has them in stock.----

Between Mmte and I We been on KellyCo butt about getting things in stock,,

Rob (KellyCo) and Dilek (Nokta) are talking about a big order..


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Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: TellYaWhut
Date: December 03, 2017 10:30AM
The older FR26 or FGP26...both 5x9 are solid coils. The newer FR24 (same size) is a spider coil. This diffrence is huge when it comes ot working in field stubble.

Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: December 03, 2017 03:15PM
Looks like you are supposed to be able to get a solid coil cover for the FR24 spider coil though.-------Wonder what the weight difference is between the older FR26 (solid) and the new FR24 spider?
The older FR26 or FGP26...both 5x9 are solid coils. The newer FR24 (same size) is a spider coil. This diffrence is huge when it comes ot working in field stubble.

FORS series search coils for the Relic.
Posted by: Monte
Date: December 04, 2017 02:43AM
Del, as mentioned below, all of the search coil for the 19 kHz FORS Gold Plus will interchange with the 19 kHz FORS Relic. The Relic assigned coils are black in color while the Gold + coils are white, but otherwise the same for the size and type. There are the:

FR/FGP-13 .. 5" round DD (current)

FR/FGP-24 .. 5X9½ DD open-frame (current that was to replace the different-size former solid-body 5½X10 DD)

FR/FGP-26 .. 5½X10 DD (currently listed in white for the FGP)

FR/FGP-26C .. 5½X110 Concentric (currently listed in white for the FGP)

FR-29 .. 7X11 DD (currently listed in black only for the FR)

FR/FGP-40 .. 12X15.5 DD (current)

As you know, the little round, and slightly over 5" diameter, DD coil is a killer in dense brush, building rubble and trash. The Relic w/5" DD is great at unmasking a lot of the low-to-mid conductors in a densely littered site. I have all but the larger coil for my two Relic devices, figuring I have the 'big coil' needs covered with the over-size on-hand for my CoRe and Impact units. Also, with the 'OOR' coil on my first-grab CoRe and 7" Concentric on my ready-to-go Impact, I have the smaller coil needs taken care of but can swap coils around on a Relic as desired.

For now, when I am mainly in the Coin & Jewelry Hunting season, I have my 5" DD and standard 7X11 DD on lower rods in my accessory coil tote, and keep an FR-24 open-frame DD on one of my Relic models, and the FR/FGP-26 Concentric coil on the other Relic. I just grab the unit/coil combo I want and need at different sites and conditions. The FR/FGP-26C is the ONLY Concentric coil made for the FORS Relic, and I wouldn't be without it. It is just slightly wider and longer than the new open-frame DD (5½X10 Vs 5X9½) but does provide me with the difference in performance a Concentric can accomplish over a DD in some trashy sites.

Oh, and I see you mentioned the solid coil cover available for the new open-frame DD coils. Yes, they are shown but I don't have any. I do have a solid-bottom coil cover for the 7X11 standard DD coils, and to be honest, all of the Relic Hunting sites I enjoy hunting that are often plagued with short, stiff weeds and brush and twigs, seldom cause me any problems with the smaller-size open-frame 5X9½ DD or even the newer 7" Concentric coils. The only time I have to put up with stiff, sticky weeds and such poking through a search coil opening when hunting is with the larger-size open coils. The 'standard' 7X11 and the bigger 13X15 and 14X15 coils.

The only coil I wish I had but isn't made, is a 7" Concentric for either/both the CoRe and Relic devices.

Stay warm, dry and comfortable, and the best of success to both of you down there during our colder weather back up here.


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Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: dfmike
Date: December 04, 2017 07:05PM
Maybe Mars will have a few coils for the Relic as well. They are available for the CoRe and Impact.

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Re: Fors Relic coils?
Posted by: D&P-OR
Date: December 04, 2017 08:29PM
I went through the Kellyco multi page listing of coils (they sure don't have the various coils grouped very well).-------I am interested in getting a couple of DD coils around the 5X10" size for the Relic detectors we have.------The only one in that size that I seen on the Kellyco listings was the FR-FGP-26C & it's a concentric coil (5.5X10 concentric).-------They didn't even have the FR/FGP-24 (5X9.5 DD open frame) or the FR/FGP-26 (5.5X10 DD) listed.--------What's going on here?-----If they are going to sell these Nokta products---you would think the least they could do would be to keep an adequate inventory.------They are supposed to be not only the distributor & a dealer for Nokta but also the Nokta U.S. repair center.------Seems to me they should have these items in stock LONG AGO!-------Who else sells these coils?-----Or do they (as a dealer) have to go through Kellyco (as a distributor) to get them anyway?-------We need a dealer here in the U.S. that gets these coils directly from Turkey and ACTUALLY has them in stock!-------------Del

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