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Impact- Field Test and Review (Lost Treasure)
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: December 06, 2017 07:35PM

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Re: Impact- Field Test and Review (Lost Treasure)
Posted by: Cal_Cobra
Date: December 07, 2017 01:38PM
Seems odd they'd have the Minelab/Dues guy review the Impact :shrug:

Yep, and it had some typical errors, or
Posted by: Monte
Date: December 08, 2017 06:50AM
simply 'oversights' that we read from many people when a new product enters the market. They might give an 'assumed' description rather than a learned explanation. Andy is a good guy and he has provided a lot of good for this great outdoor sport, however ...

Andy is rather partial to the Minelab and XP brands as most of us are aware, but he does contribute Field Test Reviews for magazine and does a better job than many I have read over quite a number of years. But in that review, for example, on Pg. 45, center column, 3rd full paragraph, he states:

"For example, four of the discriminate modes are identified
by the number of tones that they produce; i.e., 2, 3, 4 and 99."

Di99 is simply a name that indicates the number of Discrimination 'segments' the device can respond to if all are accepted, considering the numeric VDI numbers of '1' to '99.' However, Di99 can produce up-to '85' different audio tones, not '99.' Reading the User Manual before using a detector, and especially prior to submitting a magazine product review, could easily explain the different search mode capabilities.

The Di99 Discrimination mode is based on the Coin Hunting models with a Ferrous/Non-Ferrous break-point at '15.' Refer to Page 14 of the User Manual found on-line and it states:

99-Tone Discrimination (DI99)
Multi-tone discrimination mode designed for coin hunting in various mineralization. In this
mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-15 IDs. For targets with IDs
greater than 15, the device will produce a different tone for each ID. The tone will be higher
in pitch as the conductivity of the metal increases and vice versa.

Pretty easy to understand: "In this mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-15 IDs." Therefore, ALL of the Iron-range targets, with numeric read-put of '15' and below produce ONLY ONE Low-Tone Iron Audio response, so there's 1 possible tone.

And for targets in the Non-Ferrous range, if all are accepted: "For targets with IDs greater than 15, the device will produce a different tone for each ID." So, simple math here, if there are '99' ID segments, and '15' of them produce only 1 Tone, how many segments are left? 99-15 = 84. Thus, you have '1' lower iron-range Tone, plus up to '84' Non-Ferrous tanhe Tones, if they are all accepted and not rejected.

I like 'Simple' and the 'simple math' here says 1+84 = 85 possible Audio Tones in the Di99 mode.

That was an easy one to notice and if I get any free time later I might read all the way through it and see if there's anything that didn't catch my eye when I first scanned the article.

Naturally, it was a sufficient product review to interest a lot of folks, but I'm always alert for any reviewer's report to be a bit biased based on the brands they seem to be more loyal toward.


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