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Lost wireless connection after updating Impact :rolleyes:
Posted by: Charles (Sabre)(Tx)
Date: February 07, 2018 07:14PM
Had some trouble with pairing my wireless headphones today after I had updated my Impact. My Impact had Ver. 1.1 and I knew there were newer updates so I tried the 1.6 update version and then I couldn't pair up my older 2.4 GHz Makro wireless phones. Seems I had left it manually paired in the #5 setting and it wouldn't link up after the update. To make it finally pair up I had to go back to my old version 1.1 and then put in a lower manual pairing setting below #5. Then I had to redo the update to 1.6. Viola!...paired up right away.

Just a heads up if someone has problems. I think the instructions for the newer updates specifically states that the manual setting had to be below #5 in order for the update to work with the older Makro wireless phones I had.

Hope this makes sense.

:usaf: :usaflag:

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