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Anfibio coil selection and features..
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: December 18, 2018 12:10PM
Looking at the coils and features on the

Re: Anfibio coil selection and features..
Posted by: Jack Barlow
Date: December 19, 2018 10:52PM
You were spot on about the 9" CONCENTRIC being the BEST choice on the Anfibio in iron or trashy areas. I ordered one with my new Anfibio instead of the 7". No need for anything that small. I dug so many holes today at the former homesite of a handyman, who's house burned down years ago...that the holes were literally almost touching! It almost didn't pay to get back up on your feet between targets. (I'm a little heavy set too)....(; Maybe some time you come down to sunny Florida when its not so sunny and dig some of these 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet sites? (: (One campsite on an island is within view of my deck).

Re: Anfibio coil selection and features..
Posted by: calabash digger
Date: December 20, 2018 08:07AM
No doubt would love to someday!

Re: Anfibio coil selection and features..
Posted by: Jack Barlow
Date: December 23, 2018 12:35AM
I was in my backyard because it has all new fill from a few years ago when I had installed a new, higher seawall....UP TWO FEET. The government is telling lies about the slow water level rise. Hell... in my 33 years on this deepwater canal in Sebastian, Florida...the water is UP 7 INCHES +- TWO INCHES. That's about five times what they are telling us is occurring with global warming, the ice caps melting, etc. NO Fear...right? Lots of valuable TAX dollars along the east coast up and down. In Miami the city is already buying up low lying streets of homes. Bull dozing them down, and putting in parks. These lots are flooding on occasion on their own, with just normal extra high tides, no tropical storm, no hurricane, no NorEaster, nothing...and the water is often 6" deep through the whole area. My advice: BUY HIGH UP IN THOSE MILLION DOLLARS CONDO'S!!! ACCEPT NOTHING UNDER THE 5TH FLOOR! THEN...HAVE A NICE CIGARETTE BOAT TIED TO ONE OF THE BUILDINGS PILINGS NEAR THE STEPS AND RUB SHOULDERS WITH DON JOHNSON ON THE INTRACOASTAL!!! See? Just need a little imagination! Seriously now...if you've been putting off detecting some low lying tract that is often wet, maybe the time is now before it could be underwater at times.

Now...back to the fill. You never know what's in fill or where it may of come from. Great for practicing with my new Nokta Anfibio Multi. Powerful machine...and so, so, many options in the settings department ! I tell ya...that 9" CONCENTRIC is really a jewel! I envision using that coil the majority of the time, and then if I have open field or beach work, the BIG 15" Concentric DD, that I bought right away. A bit pricy for the big girl, but she performs beautifully as well. You can take long sweeping passes, and it will stop you in your tracks every time, and flag targets. And some very small targets that ring in loud and true. It really is a sweet coil, not to heavy, and so nice to look at. Get will know what I mean. If that isn't the most stylish coil you've even had...well your blind! I really only see a need for these two coils supplemented possibly by the stock 11."

But getting back to the 9" Concentric...I was out back and got a sweet "ole time" reading that was just barely audible. I mean right on the edge, but repeatable. But no ID, no PP. So I dug down a ways...nothing. Rechecked the hole...oh yeah...stronger now, dead center. And finally at 26" (Twenty-Six Inches) I felt the rap of a flat iron piece, not a can, but solid iron, like a 6x6" box. I left it, but measured the hole to the target. Pretty darn sweet for a specialty coil made for in iron. So the moral of the story? Use this coil anytime you want. And don't worry about missing deeper targets. She'll hit em! I also worked out with fancy coil work...a little electrical connector about 3/4" long by 1/8" thick. Down about 4" in with nails. Keep the coil moving around the parameter of the targets and squeeze out that tiny high tone, high ID target. You'll get a couple nails first, but keep checking the hole, it will be there! Kinda fun actually working that cat & mouse game.

Wishing You All the Compliments of the Season!

Re: Anfibio coil selection and features..
Posted by: Tony-Ok
Date: December 23, 2018 06:28PM
Hey Calabash, could you do a video using the concentric coil and the DD coil to show how stable the IDs are in comparison?? Thanks Tony

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