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Merry Christmas Gift from Nokta/Macro
Posted by: Jack Barlow
Date: December 23, 2018 06:52PM
The gift Nokta/Macro gave us is some -absolutely amazing and impressive new machines-...with more on the way! They truly are in a class all their own! True new features and setting, like no other machine! And they are definitely NOT smoke & mirrors. Every outing I learn a new setting. They each build on the last group you are using, to enhance your skill set.

Tonight I wanted to put my new ANFIBIO up to the challenge of a coin test to end all coin tests! I am proud to say that the 16” deep Clad Quarter is now —conquered— in my test bed! Every machine I own, bows their heads (except the ML GPZ 7000) and slips quietly by the SIXTEEN INCH DEEP Clad Quarter. Well things are now different! With the ANFIBIO... I can now get a repeatable, 2 way target, one direction a grunt, the other a sweet normal mid-tone. You can stand there repeating the readout as long as you like...10 minutes or 10 hours. Hitting on each and every stroke! It’s a signal that is very weak and highly tuned...yet the settings are quite “doable” and the machine is -amazingly quiet-! Full power quiet! I thought Bruce Candy of ML....(a physicist BTW) was the master in designing noise reduction circuitry? I guess Nokta/Macro has a genius of their own!!!? The target being so weak was only visible in a third of the circle arc. read from 2 directions. But if you once get lucky enough to get your teeth into her, and get a couple passes on her to build the surface Eddy Currents on the will want to dig this target. You KNOW something weak but deep and probably good is down there! •Be absolutely sure to periodically do a quick Ground Balance•. The circuitry may give its high pitched beep after only 2-3 pumps of the coil. Do NOT let this infer that there is no need to GB. I could immediately hear the improvement in this difficult target! And I’ve saved the most important thing for last....

So we all can remember this! There is far, far too much speculation on selectable frequency machines vs. Multi Transmit, Multi Frequency machine’s...supposedly being the better choice. Owning the Equinox with all 3 coils, I can comment Intelligently on this. The Multi Transmit machine’s often work fine, but I often found myself changing to a single frequency because of excessive, unmanageable E.M.I. Maybe out in the open countryside these machines run clean all the time? I am withholding any real judgement until I see how well the single, selectable frequency Anfibio handles the salt water beaches. Maybe -that- is where the Multi Frequency machine’s really excel?

But are they really giving us better information than the selectable single frequency machines? I know for a solid fact, that I -could not- locate the 16” deep quarter with this multi machine. Not even with the big 15” coil. I am only using “my new love” the -9” Concentric- in this Anfibio test!!! Just a sweet coil in all respects... plenty big for good coverage, very deep...hit a verified and dug 26” deep iron target, light in weight, •••superb iron UN-masking•••, superb small target finds... Tonight a powerful, pounding target that could of been a silver dollar. my continual amazement, a tiny, tiny plastic bodied fishing lure with a tiny, fine brass hook. The hook no more than 3/4” long, 1/16” thick hook. About 4-6” deep. I’m guessing the -bend- in the hook magnified the signal strength? It read like a whole box of these lures! And a higher mid tone in the 40s ID.

Here are my settings:

1. ANFIBIO MULTI ON •ALL 3 FREQUENCIES• THE EXACT SAME READING ON 5, 14, 20...KHZ. ON THIS TARGET! With the 20 KHZ...just a slight (hardly noticeable) weaker signal. So much for this frequency hocus-locus!!!




5. ISAT...0

6. ID SHOWING.... 97-99

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

PS: Any other settings you would like to see tested in my Test Bed...just ask!

Re: Merry Christmas Gift from Nokta/Macro
Posted by: Architex
Date: December 23, 2018 08:34PM
None of us knows yet but I'm betting the NokMac simulfreq, coming out this spring, will really open some eyes. (and maybe close some mouths).

The real treasure is in the marketing.

XP Deus / CTX 3030 / Equinox 800

Re: Merry Christmas Gift from Nokta/Macro
Posted by: F_27stryker1
Date: December 23, 2018 09:14PM
I'm a believer.... My multi works for me so much better than the 800 did.
I have been waiting for someone to do a video with the multi on the different frequency effects on targets. Like 5khz, 14khz, and 20khz, and how they react on different things, in iron, etc. Seems alot of folks have different understandings. Especially now that the equinox with the simultaneous modes is in the mix

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