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Single Selectable Frequencies vs. Simultaneous Multi Frequencies
Posted by: Jack Barlow
Date: January 06, 2019 12:17AM
I hope you agree that it is time to get this topic out in the open for discussion...if nothing else. IS IT WORTH WAITING...until Nokta/Macro comes out with a SIMULTANEOUS MULTI FREQUENCIES machine, or simply enjoy the CURRENT ANFIBIO MULTI...the amazing "Rolls Royce" of multipurpose detector that the ANFIBIO MULTI truly is! Nobody can argue that the BUILD QUALITY IS 2ND TO NONE. And that comment I will stand behind 100%. I see too many people always waiting for the next, bigger, better, greater, faster, more knobs, less knobs... DETECTOR.

When the truth of the matter is...the longer you WAIT the more things might pass you by. Like possibly your health, your financial situation, your neighbor digging YOUR coins from YOUR favorite park. Delays in life can be costly...for many reasons. Now having said that...some enjoy having the "latest, greatest machine", and that is fine too. I am guilty of falling into that camp, trying fruitlessly to benefit my detecting with multiple high end machines, but only to find out what an old fool I truly am... trying to compensate for my poor health. Isn't that why its always the old guys driving the muscle cars? (: But we all have our reasons...and we all look out our own window...

Having said all that...I thought we might collectively consider the genuine PROS AND CONS of these two types of machines. Allow me to cite one example of two of my very excellent machines. The cutting edge Simultaneous Multi Frequency (hereafter known as the SMF machine, the Equinox 800 and the Single Non Selectable Frequency VLF machine (one frequency only 13.6 KHZ...the AT MAX. For this discussion I will purposely leave out my CTX-3030 which STILL gives the best screen IMHO...color "target trace", etc., and as far as I know...the only machine able to show TWO TARGETS SIMULTANEOUS. There's that word again!???

This is why I keep them all...they all have their own very distinct personalities. Sometimes I feel I love the machines for what they are and what they do, regardless of taking them hunting everyday. But I do switch them up in hunts. This week was a rigorous 2 day hunt with my wife Ann in Central Florida. Studied my maps and history books, went out into the middle of the field, and first target... dug a 58 caliber Civil War Confederate Minie' Ball... at about 6-8" deep with the Anfibio Multi on 14 khz. --It's a wonderful machine...just as it sits--. This was a heavy, heavy, heavy iron site (I was digging really cool railroad spikes down and off to the side in the SAME HOLE) using the famous 9" Round CONCENTRIC COIL..."The Iron Eater!" I wonder if others feel that way about just loving their machines for just what detecting style they present ???

Getting back to my story... I was at an old homesite where the house burned down, not very old, from the 40s, but a good practice site, heavy iron, but close to home. But after an hour of digging dozens of targets with my Equinox that showed good numbers and "to me" good tone, but all being iron, I admitted to myself I just don't understand the Nox as I really should with over my standard 100 hour learning curve behind me. So I set it back in the SUV and grabbed the humble old AT MAX. The next two targets I dug were both coins.... Just goes to show...we all respond differently to different machines. Now put that Equinox 800 in Gold mode with -SINGLE- 40 KHZ....AND NOTHING will get in her way!!! Coin depths are off the charts! A half a soda can at 33" dug and confirmed. But note I changed her over to SINGLE FREQUENCY.

But here is what is being discussed right here on Findmall. Some very smart people far over my pay grade. Let's take a look and open this up to YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS.

I credit this post to "metal popper" over on the Equinox board. He describes the difference between the Single Selectable and SMF machines in a rather easy to understand way:

<< I once wrote an article in the early days of 'multi-frequencies' to try and convey the 'effectiveness' of single frequency versus multi-frequencies.

It compared the effect of shooting an elephant with a shotgun (multi-pellets, [multi-frequencies]), and a rifle (single-bullet, same weight of lead [single frequency].)

The point of the analogy being; that the shot-gun stands a better chance of finding the target, but with less force, compared to the bullet, which carries more energy.

Of course, the rifle's effectiveness require accurate aim....[ the correct frequency for the target's 'parameters] ...mass, shape, and conductivity..

There are more factors to be considered for a comprehensive understanding of the total comparisons...but I won't complicate what is intended to be a simple answer… >>

Quite a good analogy to what we know is a very complex topic. What I did love to hear was Nokta stating at a trade and metal detecting show that "Their approach to SMF was going to be DIFFERENT. Now...from what we know already about the cutting edge technologies built into the Nokta Anfibio Multi...we could see something dramatic and an entirely different approach to SMF? Exciting times might be just around the corner! For now however...I would not trade my Nokta Anfibio Multi for anything. It truly is an amazing machine.

But let's hear your ideas on SMF vs. SSF? Thank you.

Re: Single Selectable Frequencies vs. Simultaneous Multi Frequencies
Posted by: F_27stryker1
Date: January 06, 2019 01:14PM
I personally believe that multi won't take over any time soon as it still needs some work on the technology. There are way more single freq machines out there right now. And until the tech catches up I will stay with single.
Even if a person were to wait for nokta/makros simultaneous machine, 6 months after that there will be a new machine somewhere with all the hype and so on. No matter what there will always be a new machine to replace your old one, but if it works for you, why change things

Re: Single Selectable Frequencies vs. Simultaneous Multi Frequencies
Posted by: #1Leatherneck
Date: January 06, 2019 04:06PM
White's Spectra V3i has been here for several years now, and I honestly do not believe anything has taken the lead in Multiple Simultaneous Frequency; however, the only other one that I am familiar with is the Equinox 800. And, it does do 40 khz which compliments gold more. The V3i has more ability to configure than any other detector. That factor is what makes me believe the nox might be better, and might not be as good. The V3i is extremely arduous to learn. Many who have owned them, and still do claim one should be patient and learn the V3i. It is the first one with Multiple Simultaneous Frequency? Made in America? Their service is second to none? I am like everybody else! I want a newer better machine! But, do I already have the best? ? ? In all honesty, I am convincing myself that I do! And, I need to be patient and learn the one I already have?
Thanks, for reading this, and I appreciate any, and all responses.

Re: Single Selectable Frequencies vs. Simultaneous Multi Frequencies
Posted by: dbado1
Date: January 07, 2019 01:52PM
As usual, it all depends upon what type of ground you hunt. As is well known, single frequency just doesn't cut it in highly mineralized ground. SMF has been out a long time and is pretty well developed. This will be Not/Mak's first attempt.
As for waiting...most of us already have a few detectors in the stable. It's not like I'm not detecting until the next "big thing" is introduced. Use what you've got until something comes along that you really must have.


Re: Single Selectable Frequencies vs. Simultaneous Multi Frequencies
Posted by: u2robert
Date: January 07, 2019 08:20PM
Fisher CZ units, White's DFX , Minelab FBS, BBS Multi-Frequency units been here sense the 90's best units in wet sand (salt) and mineralized soil.

Re: Single Selectable Frequencies vs. Simultaneous Multi Frequencies
Posted by: dbado1
Date: January 07, 2019 09:14PM
Fisher CZ units, White's DFX , Minelab FBS, BBS Multi-Frequency units been here sense the 90's best units in wet sand (salt) and mineralized soil.


Minelab has a huge lead in the SMF game. Nok/Mak is really gonna have to be on their game to build a better machine than the Explorer, Safari, E-TRAC, CTX, or Nox to name a few (and, if they can't build it better...why bother?). That being said, if any company can give ML a run for their money in the SMF game it's Nok/Mak. Should be interesting.


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