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Re: The Makro Racer is awesome...
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: March 22, 2015 08:58PM
Case in point, just yesterday, using small coil I get a nice sounding tight 85. Machine wouldn't ever come off 85 all the way to the edges of target. A gent with me with a Fisher F5 with I believe a 6x9" coil swung over the target. His machine would go dime to tab, tab to dime with tone fluttering, he said the target sounded like junk. At 5 inches out pops a 57 silver dime. And the F5 aint no slouch, but it struggled.

Re: The Makro Racer is awesome...
Posted by: Des D
Date: March 23, 2015 07:24AM
OK guys...
I should Preface this by saying, the piece of ground I was on yesterday has been worked with EVERY detector and coil combination, originally worked in 1977, a few gap years, but worked extensively since 1999 to present.
EVERY Minelab had been prototyped there including the original Explorer thru CTX, X-Terra etc and all of the above with small coils also.

What happened yesterday was essentially 2 targets in particular were noteworthy recoveries.

The 'Racer' small 5" x 4.5" coil was fitted and I set up the Two Tone and Three Tone modes with different settings.
During the afternoon, the Gain was increased by 5 points at a time: The start-up Sens was 65 (due to very 'blippy' soil) [ Ground Phase pie chart half black on RHS ]
ID Filter from 10 - 30 at various stages.

After spending an hour or so just hunting generally and seeking out solid repeatable signals several items were dug including some ferrous ones such as a spring from a wooden clothes peg.
Some non ferrous came up including foil and a battery top (I think)
Anyway, I began to hunt along a hedge line that "allegedly" had a lost man's signet ring.
This area is saturated with coke and rusted particles and a nightmare to work and lately hasn't turned up anything.
Then, a really nice solid two-way signal compared with prior signals 'hitting' about 5 to 6 times and then disappearing which is the way the Racer small coil does it's business.
I then checked the signal in all 4 Modes, AM, 2 tone, 3 tone, beach and got hits with them all the weakest in beach.
All metal was good so I then pin pointed in all metal.
I should add I am also testing the "NEW Nokta Pointer" and am finding it a real well-paired asset to the 'Racer'
A sod was dug (nice horseshoe sod) and the pointer was inserted: no signal: Sens was increased by a point: no signal:
More soil came out and was checked: nothing: the pin pointer went in again: a hit: more soil out: the hit increases: more soil out and I was deep now...
My Wilcox' took out another scoop and was emptied onto the growing pile of soil and checked with the probe and 'Bingo'...a hit.
It was what I think is a Victorian curtain ring (decorative) measuring 2" x 2" and looks to be an alloy of some sort?
The Nokta Pointer was put into the hole with just the orange top protruding and later measuring the distance at 8.25"

The next signal astounded me because it was the SAME area I have haunted with small coils.
Anyway, again one of those positive multiple hits continuously, digging, check with the probe, foil, more soil moved, more foil, a 3rd piece of foil and checking around the hole another vibration (I had it set to vibrate because the neighbours were enjoying their garden other side of hedge) and just as above scooped out more soil resulting in a 'hit' atop the pile.
The find was a very nice ornate watch winder key of copper!
Depth was measured at around the 6.5" mark.

So, I therefore was simply astounded!
Proving to me at that time in that location on that day that the 'Racer's small coil is better than several other brand small coils trialled here.

NB: I think "squirrel1" is on the same track as me in the way the Racer small coil first produces signals and then several hits later they stop = usually trash.

Tom, I'm not in the USA.

Good Hunting

Des D

Re: The Makro Racer is awesome...
Posted by: greaser
Date: March 23, 2015 04:34PM
Very nice confirmation on what many of use believe and that is the CoRe/Race find the goods others leave behind. Now I know the nah sayers will tell us any machine may have found them that day but time after time I read see and experience these machines performing well above there price point would have you believe.

Re: The Makro Racer is awesome...
Posted by: squirrel1
Date: March 23, 2015 07:17PM
One thing you'll usually notice, when the detector latches on to some good quality metal, it won't turn it loose. Many times you'll notice the TID as you come across the target, if it stays up and consistent and falls without displaying lower #s, that's a good one. If it produces different #s on sweeps and you don't hear no iron tone=junk 99 percent of the time. For a vlf non minelab machine the TID I feel can be depended on moreso than most other machines for culling targets.

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