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FINALLY....DECENT size Wireless headphones.
Posted by: staffydog33
Date: December 05, 2016 08:30AM
As far as the dongle that goes with this set of wireless headphones's awesome, 2.4ghz FM....NOT bluetooth, so there is zero lag..........

...but i sold mine as i hated the headphones as they were to small, but they have just released these BEAUTIES to go with the 2.4ghz dongle.

They look MUCH better and very comfortable

Am I getting a pair....HELL YEAH!!

Deteknix W3 Pro Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

The very latest 2.4 Rechargeable Wireless Headphones from Deteknix. This is the Pro version of the smaller and cheaper Lite W3. Full size ear cups on the Pro version so Ultra comfortable. They are also Weatherproofed 100%.
This version the Pro W3 works with all detectors that have a Jack plug socket for the small transmitter to plug into. An adapter is included to enable 3.5mm or 6.35mm jacks to be used. The Wireless headset also comes with a detachable cable in the kit incase the user runs out of battery power and needs to go wired to save the day. This is a nice little touch incase of such emergencies.


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Re: FINALLY....DECENT size Wireless headphones.
Posted by: Low-Boy/LCPM
Date: December 05, 2016 10:43AM
I like the smaller headphones very comfortable and light can't tell the lag if any..but these look nice also.


Re: FINALLY....DECENT size Wireless headphones.
Posted by: Tom Slick
Date: December 05, 2016 04:07PM
I'm really happy with the Makro wireless headphones. Here in Arizona, it's not too often that its cool enough to wear over the ear phones. I prefer the lighter weight and coolness of the "on ear" design. In cooler climates I'd like the over ear phones.

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