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Makro AA charger, batteries, and my go-to preference.
Posted by: Monte
Date: January 01, 2017 12:09PM
Just convenience, I drag a trailer into the desert to dry camp, and try to stay out 2-3 weeks at a time. I have plenty of solar power, 200 watts of panels feeding 2 Trojan T605 batteries in series. An inverter is just one more thing to bring along that can break.
Vic, I used to be able to handle getting away to dry c amp for long periods, but my blasted health issues have limited that a good deal, so I envy you and other who still can.

This thread is running under the 2.4 Gig Headphone topic so let me comment on it first. I really like my Makro 2,4 Gig Headphones and use them almost exclusively with my Racer 2, or dongle-over to the Gold Racer when needed.

Now, as for powering my Racer's and FORS series models, both the CoRe and Relic's I tote along, I DO have a Makro/Nokta Varta charger and batteries in each of my detector bags that tote my extra soils and rods and some other items. I use the rechargeable batteries from time-to-time, but not on a regular basis because rechargeables generally tend to have a shorter run-time than alkaline batteries and also seem to quit more abruptly.

My preference, for a long, long time, has been to use the Costco 'Kirkland' brand AA alkaline batteries because they are made by the makers of Duracell, and I get about equal performance at a much lower cost. At Costco they are just under $13 for 48 alkaline batteries, so that's about 27¢ each, or only $1.08 to fill any Racer or FORS series detector ... and operate a lot longer than a set of rechargeable batteries. If I don't have Kirkland batteries and there aren't any sale prices going, my next battery picks are the Duracell, then the Energizer.

But, we are now wrapping up the Christmas Holiday Season and I always keep alert for any sales on AA alkaline batteries and stock up. I use them in a shaver I keep in my truck, in several of my flashlights, my computer mouse, as well as my primary-use detectors so I like to have an ample supply on-hand.

I start each year with a 48 pack of alkaline batteries in each of my 3 Nokta detector bags as well as my plastic parts-kit tote, and I made sure I am set to start 2017 already. I still have plenty of alkaline batteries in my den battery/flashlight tote as I bought some 48 alkaline AA packs for $9.95, then they had another sale for $8.95. Combined, that bunch of batteries ran 18½¢ to 20¢ each so I will fill each of my detectors with 4-AA alkalines for 77¢ (at 19¼¢ per battery) and last longer than rechargeables w/o a concern about charger or inverter break-downs. :cool:

Just how I like to do it.


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Re: Makro AA charger, batteries, and my go-to preference.
Posted by: DesertRokon
Date: January 06, 2017 01:19PM
Thanks for the reply Monte. It sounds like you have a very good system for powering your detectors and accessories. I have been using the factory supplied rechargeable batteries in both my Makro Racer 2 and Whites V3i. I believe my mistake has been using Duracell alkaline batteries for backup and also using them in my other devices. I have lost 3ea 3C cell LED flashlights, 1 AA LED flashlight, 1 AAA laser pointer, & 1 Midland GMRS radio to leaking Duracell alkaline batteries. I have switched away from Duracells to Energizer Industrial alkaline and haven't had any leakage issues from them, but I am still trying to move away from alkaline batteries.

Thanks again for your reply ! I really enjoy reading your posts and appreciate the time that you take to teach and share your experiences with others !!

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