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Needing some good info on bigger coil
Posted by: Joseph in Alabama
Date: February 05, 2017 07:28PM
Hey guys getting the chance to hunt some plowed farm fields in march and am needing info from anyone who has used coils larger than the stock coil...something around the 13 x15 inch size...light weight a +...thanks in advance....joe

Re: Needing some good info on bigger coil
Date: February 05, 2017 09:10PM
dear joseph : if you want a great coil with 11 to 15 inch deep than the stock coil only you should chose the NEL THUNDER COIL ........

I haven't tried any of the after-market larger-size coils for a
Posted by: Monte
Date: February 06, 2017 05:51AM
Racer 2, but I have used the Nokta/Makro 13X15.5 DD coil. I have also used larger-size coils on other brands and models, but not on a Racer 2.

Now, I seldom use a larger-size coil, and even a 'standard' coil only sees part-time duty with me because I Relic Hunt most of the time in very densely iron littered sites, or Coin Hunt in urban environments with a lot of modern trash. Smaller coils see the majority of service and mid-sized coils, like the 5½X10 Concentric or Double-D's, get called to action second-most often. Also, I am generally searching or smaller-size targets.

During the 5+ decades I have been enjoying this great sport there have been a number of times I have searched wide-open areas looking specifically for known or anticipated targets, but they were of moderate-to-larger size. Once you move up to search coils larger than most 'stock' search coils, you tend to lose some responsiveness to smaller-sized objects like coins, buttons, uniform/collar insignia, and other small objects.

There was a time when I set up a lot of comparisons using several different manufacturer's upper-end models and both their 'standard' search coils and their larger-size coils that ranged from 12" to 16" in diameter. I evaluated the manufacturer's claimed depth of detection against real in-the-dirt detection, as well as some 'controlled' testing using a rigged-up devise to control the coil's sweep speed and coil-to-target sample depth/distance.

Even though we have progressed a good deal in overall circuitry design, I have found the general comparisons to be about the same, and that is a larger coil might produce small-target depth (button, coin or ring-sized objects) about equal to a 'standard' size coil to perhaps a 10%-15% increase, if all things are favorable. If a lost or purposely buried object is a larger size, such as a small ceramic piggy bank of coins, a pint-size to quart-size glass jar of coins, or a solid mass object similar in overall size, then the depth-of-detection is much more pronounced over a 'standard' size coil.

Joseph in Alabama[/quote
Hey guys getting the chance to hunt some plowed farm fields in march and am needing info from anyone who has used coils larger than the stock coil...something around the 13 x15 inch size...light weight a +...thanks in advance....joe
What size objects would you be searching for? What would be the reason for a larger-size search coil than the Racer 2's 7X11 DD 'standard' coil?

If it is mainly for site coverage, I can warn you that any coil larger than the 7X11 DD is quite likely to be a bit heavier and more fatiguing, and that can restrict the amount of time you can comfortably search plowed farm fields or other larger open areas. For the small amount of benefit you might see on smaller-size targets, if that's what you're after, I would suggest using the 'standard' search coil. Ample depth and sensitivity in most cases, plus lighter and less wear-and-tear on you.

If you are after larger-size targets and you suspect there might be a practical reason for them to be deeper, then you might consider a larger coil. I used their 13X15.5 DD for just those types of searches. It did provide improved performance I was wanting, but the price to pay was more wear on my neck, shoulder and back resulting in less hunt time.

I prefer to use the standard 7X11 or a larger coil on my Nokta models as they balance a little better than on a Racer 2, thus less fatigue and I can put I longer searches. I really enjoy my Racer 2 and Gold Racer, but mainly with either their smaller 5½" DD or mid-sized 5½X10 DD coils. I have found a few detectors that I could single out to be a one-detector-does-all unit, but I prefer to own two or more detectors that can complement each other, and that goes for both performance as well as balance and comfort. There is no 'perfect' detector so I like to be prepared. The 13X15.5 DD balanced much better on a CoRe or Relic than on a Racer or Racer 2, and I have friends who have tried bigger-size after-market coils who also found them less appealing for any hunt that would last an hour or more.

Just some opinions,


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