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Air Test ? - Racer 2
Posted by: CCadrin
Date: February 09, 2017 08:38AM
I just received a used (3 weeks old) Racer 2 and I want to make sure that there are no issues. I quickly did a couple air test and the max in DEEP mode was 10" or just a little more. None of my test made it passed 10" (quarter, dime, penny, nickel) and but I may have EMI in my yard since the detector got a little chatty. I have been reading thru the manual to learn the settings but I did not spend enough time to look for the optimal settings.

So here are my questions:
1) Is an air test a valid test for this machine?
2) What were your results and what were your basic settings (mode, gain, etc)?

In my test garden in mineralize soil, it struggled to hit 8 inch coins (the nickel and quarter sounded, the penny and dime I didn't).

Another test I did was to take it to the salt water beach with wet black sand. It was very quiet. I don't know what type of depth but I was amazed how quiet it ran. I only spent 10 minutes on the test because I went looking for gold using a CTX.

Any comments will be appreciated.

Re: Air Test ? - Racer 2
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: February 09, 2017 11:57AM
Go to Utube and look up Keith Southern on testing the Racer 2 in mineralized soil--he hits a 13" nickel.

Re: Air Test ? - Racer 2
Posted by: Southwind
Date: February 09, 2017 12:50PM
1) If you can air test a coin at 10" there is no problem with your detector.

2) I have not really done any air tests to speak of so sorry I can't help you there other than to say an air test at 10" is good no matter what detector you use. What I will say is the Racer 2's strength is not so much in depth as it is in the ability to unmask good targets others will miss. I would compare the performance much to that of the AT Pro as far as general use. The Racer 2 is a great all-around machine that, in my opinion, excels at relic hunting. It also make a great gold machine. Other than that it is generally a great detector for coin shooting but not much better than the AT Pro or any other mid-range machine. Just not a depth monster say like the E-Trac/CTX.

The real treasure is in the hunt...

Re: Air Test ? - Racer 2
Posted by: Texan
Date: February 09, 2017 01:22PM
Depth isn't everything. In Texas clay I would challenge most all to want to dig in a yard deeper than 10 inches. Seperation is the key. I have saw this machine pull 5 old coins out of a very trashy hunted out yard when the V3I, dues, at pro, vaquero could not.Ease of use is another advantage.

Re: Air Test ? - Racer 2
Posted by: Joseph in Alabama
Date: February 09, 2017 05:06PM
You have a good machine I have air tested and kept notes on every detector I have ever gives me a idea about/confidence in the metal detector I am testing....My R2 on factory setting with stock coil hits a dime at 10-1/2 to 11-1/2 inches solid...have found coins and bullets at 7 to 9 inches with good solid I know it will hit deeper than that..its very fast and loves coins hope this helps. HH. joe

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