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water proof racer !
Posted by: WaterHound
Date: February 20, 2017 06:02AM
I miss my red racer! Had to sell it cause l dunked it in the lake 2 times I grab it quick enough to save it but! I knew some day I'd destroy it so I sold it , reluctantly. I liked that machine ! It was deep seeking and had vibrate , two lights , good coils a cool machine, a water proof one wood be great ! Make it VLF and have a good salt water mode . and I will buy one quick . waterhound

A waterproof detector is something quite a few people ask for.
Posted by: Monte
Date: February 23, 2017 02:12AM
I am not a big fan of beach hunting like I once was, but I'll blame that on age and impaired mobility ... not to mention that I have moved father away from the coast. I also moved away from NW Oregon where they have about 222 overcast days a year, many of which are wet, and I don't like to hunt in moderate to heavy rain. Not for me and not for my detectors.

That said, I do enjoy hunting freshwater beaches at lakes and rivers, and my concern would be hunting in the shallow water and accidently dropping my detector. A waterproof unit would be very good, if it handles Beach Hunting, both freshwater and saltwater areas with some ground mineralization extremes. I have hunted beaches, both on the salty Oregon coast, and some at much saltier areas at/in the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Before I moved to Vale, Oregon I lived in a smaller town along the large Columbia River and hunted locations on the river beach as well as some beaches on reservoirs and a couple of lakes.

On both saltwater and freshwater beaches I had very good performance from my Nokta FORS CoRe and original Makro Racer, and this past year also with the Racer 2. I have been impressed with water hunting handling abilities with both models and would welcome a waterproof detector based on the Nokta and Makro detector circuitry designs. It would provide me some detecting options to head to hunt in the water when we get our summer days of 90° to 100+° sunshiny weather.

It's early in 2017 so let's all do a wait-and-see since it is a market niche Nokta and Makro would likely be taking a look at, and there's a lot of this year left. Surprises happen.


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