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New Hunt
Posted by: Low-Boy/LCPM
Date: February 26, 2017 04:00PM
Took the impact out again...learning how powerful this detector is with all the programs and how easy it is to set up.


Re: New Hunt
Posted by: GlenOK
Date: February 26, 2017 04:27PM
Wow , nice finds. Is that a necklace in center of pic?

Re: New Hunt
Posted by: nalc472
Date: March 05, 2017 12:22PM
how does this detector compare to the racer? I only have owned a V3i, F75LTD2 and E-trac. Always looking for another detector in my collection. Want one that does things differently than the others. My E-trac is my Silver finder and my F75 is my copper and relic finder. What would the Impact add to that?

compare to racer
Posted by: Low-Boy/LCPM
Date: March 05, 2017 12:58PM
Well for one it can hunt like a racer red or racer 2 plus you have three freq. I have the racer red so no tone break or notch. Then there is the two all metal this is all impact and DI99 kind of like the as I have said before it is there whole line and then some in a new machine with internet software updates.


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