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How much better is Impact on Racer 2?
Posted by: David_lvdc
Date: March 11, 2017 05:30PM
Hi, I bought a Racer 2 a month ago, after many tests I have good and bad sensations. I really like the mix of iron audio and tone brake but I'm unhappy with the lack of depth or a more stable 2-tone mode.

I have doubts about whether to sell it by losing a portion of the money to buy the Impact.
Does the impact actually improve in depth or in capabilities to go stable?
Is Impact worth the Racer 2, or is it a similar product with a lot of marketing?
En definitiva, hay un salto importante entre Makro Racer 2 y Nokta Impact?

Thanks and regards.

Re: How much better is Impact on Racer 2?
Posted by: staffydog33
Date: March 12, 2017 08:02AM
From the comparison videos i've seen, the Impact is a lot less chattery and has faster target recovery...but other than that, the Racer 2 beats it.

I LOVE my Racer 2 and would never part with it.

Went out yesterday with my Father, who owns a XP Deus, while he was unlucky not finding any coins, I found 6...only recent clad coins, but still.

I found a tiny 1/2 penny at 11"...which was awesomely impressive.

Keep the Racer 2 me.


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Re: How much better is Impact on Racer 2?
Posted by: lytle78
Date: March 12, 2017 10:39PM
Just for the record.

As far as being interested in First Texas:

I have been a fan of Dave Johnson (their Chief Designer) for several years - something I share with lots of folks on this forum and otherwise.

I started following Carl Moreland (their Engineering Manager) over on the Geotech forum before he got hired by Whites. I was delighted when moved to El Paso and FT.

They, along with Minelab, have the most experienced engineering and scientific staff in the detector world.

And, although I am NOT the one who brought up the AmeriTek Patriot in this thread - I think AmeriTek represents an interesting attempt to change the whole landscape when it comes to detector marketing.

And to address some misinformation posted above, FT has exactly ONE relationship with manufacturing in China - some of the Bounty Hunter Jr. Units are made there and identified as such on the box. The rest are made in El Paso. Every other FT detector is made in El Paso including 100% of the new Bounty Hunter Jr. ID models.

My imterest in detectors goes way beyond El Paso however.

In the last 4 years I have owned and used probably 30 different detectors including units made by:

Fisher - Original Los Banos as well as ElPaso
Teknetics - including original Tek

Detectors fascinate me. I enjoy using different machines and comparing them in my environment. I am delighted when something new comes along, even of it represents optimization of existing technology. I have learned enough about how detectors work however to understand where future development is headed.

In my opinion, the only truly new technology introduced in the last 10 years or so us the Minelab GPZ7000. That constant-current technology, using an induction balanced coil and analyzing the data in both the time and frequency domains is truly new. Other new platforms are under development - real change in how detectors work is coming.

Rick Kempf

Re: How much better is Impact on Racer 2?
Posted by: TallTom
Date: March 13, 2017 03:23AM
I think you posted your message in the wrong thread.
You refer to statements made in the thread that aren't there.
Try again in another thread?

In So. Calif. using Nokta Impact, Makro Racer, Tesoro Vaquero, and Tesoro Sand Shark.

David_lvdc, I don't know how many detectors you have, or how often you get out detecting,
Posted by: Monte
Date: March 13, 2017 05:54AM
as I know that with some folks that can mean a lot when they are trying to figure a detector purchase out. Quite often I see people part with a very good detector before they have really learned and mastered it, and that leaves me wondering if they might do the same with their next detector acquisition.

Hi, I bought a Racer 2 a month ago, after many tests I have good and bad sensations. I really like the mix of iron audio and tone brake but I'm unhappy with the lack of depth or a more stable 2-tone mode.
What other detector(s) do you currently own? Do you usually keep two or more detectors in your arsenal, or do you limit yourself to only one detector? My personal decision, made back about 1971 or '72, was to own at least 2, more if possible, that work well and can complement the other(s) in several ways to provide me with a very functional detector battery. Not try and expect one detector to 'do-it-all.'

Now, let me add that the new Nokta Impact is about the closest detector I have ever owned that comes close to the 'do-it-all' category since it provides the obvious choice of three operating frequencies, 5 kHz, 14 kHz and 20 kHz, to provide a very nice working set in the VLF range. Then an ample array of search modes and selectable functions that are all readily accessed making the Impact basically 'Simple' to operate, very versatile and 'Functional,' and that means the end results can be ample 'Performance' in-the-field.

It is a very excellent detector to own and use. And for me, it is a splendid addition to my detector arsenal which also includes a Makro Racer 2. Put in more time with the Racer 2 to really get to know it. learn it well and you ought to come to really appreciate the performance it offers. Did you only buy the standard Racer 2 and have only the stock 7X11 DD coil? That could be part of the problem if you are searching trashier sites making it more difficult to use any brand detector with a standard or larger-size coil. If you do NOT have a smaller or medium size coil for the Racer 2, I would encourage you to get one and put it to work and find out more about how functional the Racer 2 really is.

I have doubts about whether to sell it by losing a portion of the money to buy the Impact.
Trust me on this, I have owned detectors I favored and errantly sold, only to buy them back to feel better and eliminate my regretfulness. I have also parted with poor, fair, and good detectors and not felt too concerned about it because they were not in the 'better' category for me and my wants and needs.

Does the impact actually improve in depth or in capabilities to go stable?
The Racer 2 can be very stable unless you use too much Gain or if there is EMI from a nearby offending source. That said, I have mine set to turn-on with a Gain of '99' in the 3-Tone mode and '90' or '95' in the 2-Tone and other modes. I reduce the gain only if I need to once I start up at a hunt site. Seldom do I have to, but I also use a small 'OOR' or 5½" round DD coil the bulk of the time (like at least 95% of my hunting) when using my Racer 2. That means I have a chance for quieter operation than if I were using a larger-size coil that might be more susceptible to nearby EMI offenders.

The Racer 2 provides very good depth and performance compared with many makes and models. If it didn't, it wouldn't still be in my arsenal. That said, using it and also my Impact with the smaller 4X7¾ DD coil, I have noticed improved depth in several comparisons favoring the Nokta Impact. It is a very stable detector, but I will add that the bulk of the coins, including very old US coins, that I have found in over fifty years of metal detecting have not been what I consider to be 'deep.' To me, once a coin is 6" or more below surface level, then I consider it a 'deep' coin, but most of the coins are 4" or less. Those from 4" to 6" fall in a smaller category.

Probably 85% or more of my Seated Liberty Dimes and Quarters, Barber Dimes and Quarters, Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters, Shield and 'V' and Buffalo Nickels, and likely 75% of all the Indian Head Pennies I have ever found have been from surface to 3½" to no more than 4". Site selection is part of the key ingredient to finding more older coins where there has been no, very little, or less enthusiastic detecting.

Yes, there have been times when conditions allowed me to hunt a bit deeper because there was less masking trash, and times when I have hunted very clean sites with the intention of getting more depth of detection, but 'depth' is not one of the main things I look for in a detector pick. It is the ability to hunt in dense litter, deal with ferrous trash, and provide me with a quick-response and fast-recovery to best deal with good-target masking. EVERY detector in my Always-Carry Working Detector Battery that rides along in my pick-up is capable of doing just that.

Is Impact worth the Racer 2, or is it a similar product with a lot of marketing?
In 14 kHz, the same as the Racer 2, and using the same adjustment settings as you would on a Racer 2, the field performance will be somewhat similar to a Racer 2, but there are some differences. Some people might not notice much difference, while other more skilled detectorists can perceive some subtle changes in behavior.

I have found the Impact to provide slightly more depth of detection using their similar-size 7X11 DD coils, and more like 1½" or more on some tested coins when using their smaller coils. I tried both the 'OOR' DD and 5½" round DD on my Racer 2, and the 4X7¾ DD on my Impact, the smallest coils made for them. Both detectors gave very good performance, and I used three different coins for comparison so there were different sizes and conductivities. In one case the difference was both an increase in depth, plus the Impact gave me a better audio response on one tough multi-coin test I use in my seminars that is difficult for some detectors to respond well on.

I spent several hours yesterday detecting a really hard-to-hunt old migrant labor camp that has a lot of discarded junk, hunks of scrap from when buildings were demolished, and some added modern debris left from transients who find places to 'camp out' for a while, or from some beer party hang-outs where bottles are gone but blasted bottle caps abound, especially around trees. Oregon Gregg & I hunted this location some last year, off an on where we couldn't get away to one of several ghost towns or stage stops.

I used my FORS CoRe, Racer 2 and FORS Relic models and Gregg used his Racer, FORS CoRe and Racer 2 all last year. We use the same detectors today, except on my last two visits there I used the Impact excessively. Each of these detectors handle the dense trash, the frequent encounters with ferrous discards, and do a splendid job at finding coins that are still hidden there. Depth, for the most part, isn't needed as most coin areas are undisturbed and coins are surface to 3-4 inches ... along with so much junk.

I did work a few places yesterday where there had been ground disturbance with soils pushed up over an area close to one of the sides of one old foundation adding perhaps 2" - 5" more dirt on top of the former natural ground height, and also under a couple of very large old tress where there was a few inch build-up of leafage and other dead vegetation matter atop the old soil level. The Impact and 4X7¾ DD coil handily gave me good hits on five 1 ¢ coins dating back to 1941 that were in the 5+" to 7" inch range, with some just a couple of inches from annoying trash. I didn't have my Racer 2 at my side to double check but feel it might have hit on them also. The Racer 2 is very capable, but in this case I know for a fact the Impact sang out on them cleanly.

"Is Impact worth the Racer 2,..." I have no doubt that many Avid Detectorists and quite a few learning novice users will find the Impact to satisfy them more, but I also know the Racer 2 is one very reliable performer which is why it is in my arsenal. I have more than one handgun, more than one hunting rifle, and even though they can all accomplish some tasks, they do them slightly differently and provide their own sets of differences. The same goes for a good outfit of metal detectors, to own just two or three rather than relying on only one. It is a personal call.

"... or is it a similar product with a lot of marketing?" If you want the truth, or my experience-based personal opinion, all of the Racer series as well as the Nokta FORS series models and the Impact deserve more marketing simply because they are very impressive detectors. It isn't a matter of marketing hype to sway a buyer from a Racer 2 other than to point out the many differences in adjustment features and design of the Impact. The Nokta brand Impact and FORS series models join the Makro brand Racer series to provide an affordable range of detector models that will suit a wide variety of metal detecting beginners, novices, experiences users and very avid adventures. It isn't a model intended to blow away the other models they make, but instead the Impact is simply a progression or advancement.

I will tell you that probably 80% of my hunting buddies, both male and female, younger or more 'seasoned,' would not be that interested in the Impact because they like to keep things very simple. The Impact would make them feel overwhelmed and that there would be too much there for them to learn and have to adjust, even though they have an ample amount of detecting experience under their belt. That said, it means there are about 20% of my detecting friends who are interested in adding a new detector to their equipment line. Some want to make a brand change to a CoRe or Relic, some the Racer 2, and some the Impact for sure.

I can't, and nobody really can, tell you or anyone else that you need to part with the Racer 2 and move on to the Impact. Detector selection is a very personal thing and we should make a detector change, or add an additional detector model, only if we know the detector we have very well and can then determine what advantages or trade-offs their might be. So to sum it all up, spend more valuable time with your Racer 2. Learn it. Get to know it well. All detector models have their own strengths and weaknesses and we must learn them so as to best use their strengths to our advantage.

Okay. I hope you have a chance to get out detecting soon to do just that. It is 4:50 AM here and I am going to go transfer my detectors and gear from my pickup to my more fuel efficient SUV, get some things taken care of here at home for a few hours, then head out on a 3-day detecting adventure, hoping for weather than will cooperate with my plans. I will be using all of my loaded detectors on this trip and just mounted the 'OOR' coil on my Racer 2 as I do plan to work some trashy and confined locations. If you don't have either of the smaller coils for your Racer 2, give one a try.


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Re: How much better is Impact on Racer 2?
Posted by: thardin88
Date: March 25, 2017 08:36AM
Great write up as always Monte. Thank you

Re: How much better is Impact on Racer 2?
Posted by: Sataro
Date: March 30, 2017 10:57AM
Good write up Monte! I enjoyed reading it. Very good information on putting that quality time into a detector. You will need that time spent to fully understand and appreciate which ever detector you are using.

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