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Flat buttons
Posted by: Bigtom123
Date: April 05, 2017 08:03PM
Took the racer 2 to a old 1700s house foundation in the middle of a cow pasture,,it was really wet and I was falsing like crazy,,I think because of the wet ground..But I found all these in one hole,my first flat buttons.Im gonna go back with the strike coil when it dries up some,and hope for some coins..Oh yea,and I was getting a lot of high toning on old flat metal,don't know what they were but they gave a coin signal in the 80 s

Re: Flat buttons
Posted by: csarebelva
Date: April 06, 2017 10:56AM
I have found with large flat iron old plows and such especially if they are 8 inches or more deep will read in the 80s same with aluminum cans but there is usually a little grunt in the tone. I have also found they all come as a large area reading .... you will get tone in an area a foot long by a foot wide. Coins and buttons will be small readings and still may even get a little iron grunt on the edge of the target but usually sound small and good in tight sweep. The falsing may be a result of your settings. If I am in a house site and have to go below 70 gain to cut out some falsing I often switch over to 3 tone with 80 gain and bump the ID filter up to 20. All that falsing you were getting may have been nails and other small tin or iron readings the 3 tone will help with that. I use 2 tone at 80 gain when I am clear open no EMI areas ..... bumping the head of the machine on 2 tone will cause falsing often. If you have small saplings in a wooded area and bump them to swing you may get some falsing but I usually just bump the gain down a bit or go to 3 tone if I can't stand the chatter. I picked out a percussion cap in the middle of nails and other old house debris ....... it was a nice clear crisp tone in the middle of a lot of chatter .... my buddy with me was pretty impressed by how the Racer could pick that out .... there were three nails in the hole with it.

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