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Grip Replacement
Posted by: TN Mike
Date: July 19, 2017 11:30PM
Was wonder if anyone knew what is the best way to remove the grip from my R2. Gonna order a R1 style grip as a replacement but doesn't seem obvious as to how the grip should be removed. Take the battery box off? How do you remove the little grip holder? You get me.. thanks for any help.

Re: Grip Replacement
Posted by: Sonnyd
Date: July 21, 2017 01:31PM
Probably remove the battery box. Be CAREFUL! It's really a Pain, IMO. I had to remove mine to put the dust and rain cover on. Watch those 4 little screws inside. One of mine was inserted crooked from the factory, and was already broken, making mine slightly wobbly. Very weak point in the design IMO again. Screws are short, and tiny, and going into very thin plastic..You will have to unplug the connector to the circuit board also. Not hard but small, and a bit of a pain to maneuver, at least for me. I Wonder if Makro makes a Battery box replacement???

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