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My 8 hour detecting day with the Racer 2
Posted by: db-uk
Date: July 31, 2017 07:47AM
Went out the other day with the Racer 2 for what I planned a few hours but ended up a total of 8 hours and apart from getting wet twice with what the weather forecasters call some summer showers (i.e heavy rain) I really enjoyed the day.
As the Racer 2 is new and replacing the Whites Treasure Master I thought I would revisit a field that I think I have covered pretty well in the past and see if I could pick anything new up that the Whites missed.
I only detected part of the field as I was trying to be methodical and detect it in strips so I did not miss anything and apart from the usual junk I did find some interesting stuff.

Finds 1 photo.
1. A 2.5 inch corroded iron disc with a central hole. It is about 1 cm thick and have not the foggiest what it was...I would like to think it is something ancient :)
2. A rather nice lighter, the lid was found separately a few feet away. It is engraved, one side says Stephen and the other Sebastian.
3. A small oval 1.75 inch at first thought 'lid' but I'm not so sure. There are no markings.
4. Looks like a lead rivet type of thing..definitely look like it has been hammered into something.
5. This looks like part of a large spoon, not sure what it's made of.
6. Probably the most interesting thing in the photo, a lead dog I suppose about 2.5 inches across.
7. A chain link made from 3 links, each link near 3 inches across. I just thought it was an interesting shape :)

Coins were plentiful, about £4 in modern coinage and 4 old coins.
Two George VI ship half pennies, 1944 and 1952, a 1956 one shilling and the find of the day, a rather nice 1852 Vicky Bun Head Shilling though a bit worn still a nice find.

In conclusion, the Racer 2 is finding items that the Whites has missed but that was expected and I still have the rest of the field to re-explore :)

Re: My 8 hour detecting day with the Racer 2
Posted by: oleterryg
Date: July 31, 2017 09:41AM
db, congratulations on your great day. Eight hours is a long day, at least it would be for me. My longest day so far is 6 hours, 3 in morning and 3 afternoon.

You guys in the UK certainly seem to find some interesting coins. Your history is long, so I figure that gives you a heads up on us here in the new world.

Glad you are liking your Racer 2. At some point I may be sorry that I didn't take the plunge and buy the R2, instead of the R1, just to save some bucks. But for now, I am very happy with my purchase. It's an awesome detector. All the write ups that Monte has posted here are not hype, its "the truth Lord".

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