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Re: On the Racer 2 or Nokta Impact I rely on two different headphones.
Posted by: Old Virginia
Date: August 21, 2017 07:10AM
When it is very hot or when I want to eliminate snagging the headphone cable in dense brush, I use my Nokta / Makro 2.4 Gig. wireless headphones. When it is cold, windy, noisy, or at other times when I want to use corded headphones, my #1 favorites are put to use, the Killer B 'Hornet.' As a 'back-up' to my Hornet headphones, I DID like to use the White's Pro Star headphones. The 'original' Pro Star's that were made right there in Sweet Home, Oregon that came with a Lifetime Warranty.

I still have a set I have been using since they were first introduced but have an intermittent short in the cable near the plug. So, I am going to get another set of Killer B 'Hornet' headphones since White's no longer honors that Lifetime Warranty and are replacing those headphones with the current 'Made in China' Pro Stars that have absolutely no warranty mentioned on the box or on-line.

Naturally I use the 'Hornet' headphones on my Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic units all the time because I don't have the luxury of using the very nice 2.4 Gig wireless headphones. I've used my wireless headphones with the Impact's and Racer 2 almost exclusively since April, and especially in the long, hot summer heat we have had this past couple of months.


Thanks Monte.

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