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Racer 2 vs Gold Racer
Posted by: staffydog33
Date: August 07, 2017 10:34AM
Anyone know of any videos comparing the 2 on the differences in gold jewellery, as in depth of racer 2 vs gold racer?

Would love to see side by side comparison....but can't find any videos comparing the 2 of them.

Obviously being such a high frequency the gold Racer gonna be better on gold, but by how much?

Say Racer 2 completely loses a 5g bit of gold at 8" would the gold racer be a HUGE improvement, like 4+ inches deeper etc etc?

yuh get what I


Re: Racer 2 vs Gold Racer
Posted by: Doctorcoinz
Date: August 08, 2017 01:08PM
On Gold Rings the Gold Racer is super hot , i recovered a Gold Ring after about only 4 hunts with my gold racer. In trash the gold racer is very very fast.
On low conductive targets the response IMHO beats a red racer. The depth and response on deeper copper / silver coins seems to drop off fast no where near as deep on big silvers as the red racer and racer 2.

My opinons ....
Posted by: Monte
Date: August 09, 2017 06:22AM
I am impressed with the Gold Racer for Gold Nugget Hunting and have used it successfully in urban environments when I have gone after gold jewelry. It has a bit of an 'edge' on thin, small gold rings and thin gold chains over the Racer 2. That said, it is more of a Specialty-Use unit to me, mainly for raw gold potential sites, as I have had better success afield on both common-size to larger rings in addition to lost coins and other small artifacts when using the 14 kHz Makro Racer 2. Still, by comparison, I have had better success working my 15 kHz Nokta FORS CoRe, closely followed by the 19 kHz FORS Relic. The new Impact, though, is becoming my main use urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting detector, at both 14 kHz and 20 kHz in jewelry-potential areas.

If I was just headed out to a beach, sports field or other place common for lost jewelry, I'd still grab the Racer 2 before the Gold Racer ... if my pick was only between those two models.


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Re: Racer 2 vs Gold Racer
Posted by: staffydog33
Date: August 09, 2017 01:00PM
Cheers for the replies guys...much appreciated.

Man, I wish here in sunny S.Wales (UK) we had ANY chance of gold nuggets in the ground, coz i'd get a Makro Gold Racer, with the BIGGEST coil

If I lived in the US or Austrailia etc etc.....nobody would see me, coz i'd be struck with gold fever all day every day!:clapping:

Check this awesome nugget a guy finds in Austrailia with his minelab and a HUGE coil:


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