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I was almost annoyed!
Posted by: db-uk
Date: August 14, 2017 12:07PM
Hi all

Went out for a few hours last Sunday with the Racer 2 on a field that I thought had pretty much done to death but started to criss cross the field to try and cover any areas I may have missed.
It,s amazing how as mentioned you think that you have covered an area but interesting new finds kept coming in the way of mostly old pennies and half pennies which I won't bore you with but I did have 4 interesting signals.

As I am still learning the Racer 2 I am taking more and more interest in the sounds it makes especially the faint whimpers from perhaps small deep objects and I got a perfect example.
This sound was a faint whine, not very good at all but it was the same when you passed the detector back over it (no numbers appeared on the VDU), so I changed to the deep mode and saw it actually gave a number so I decided to dig it. About 7 inches down and the use of the pinpointer I finally picked out a small about 1cm wafer thin disc and what appeared featureless but once cleaned up at home and a look through Spink it turned out as a William IV Third- farthing (1835) and only used in Malta. You can just make out the profile of William and again the very soft outline of Britania on the reverse, A nice find :)

Another very good signal that practically deafened me had myself knowing it had to be something good and as I dug the plug I saw the shimmery glint of gold then the details of queen Victoria revealed this point I started to get quite exited as it looked like a pendant and as Vicky was on the front I assumed it must have some age to it but as it was rather muddy I put it away for a careful cleanup later.
Once it was cleaned it looked rather good and had a nice bit of weight so I did a bit of research on google images, found the pendant, clicked on the link which immediately took me to Amazon where it was nothing but a Queen Victoria Chunky Coin Pendant Fashion Necklace selling for £3.99....I was almost annoyed!

Another interesting object was a nice German sack seal, nothing much but I do find them interesting. Also even though it is just junk I did find a large metal portion of a large I suppose cooking pot which had a nice rim..I just like it and do wonder about its age.

So a bit of disappointment about the pendant but am pleased with the William IV coin :)

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