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Re: Why use a Racer 2 rather than a Deus?
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 11, 2017 05:41PM
other detector brands and models have been around now for a half-dozen years or more. They are all 'OK' detectors and can provide acceptable performance afield, with some being better suited for urban park hunting and others doing better in iron infested Relic Hunting sites. As with any quality-built and well engineered detector, they all must be learned, and then results will be determined by the field performance the detector can provide based upon the settings used, the search coil mounted, the type of site conditions and challenges of the site, and that definitely includes any dense amount of iron trash you have to deal with.

I have owned most of these or put them to use afield when I borrowed them from a dealer for a couple of weeks, and each might have a strength or weakness compared with the other. For me and the sites I prefer to hunt, I tend to be very selective on the makes and models I keep in my detector arsenal. Naturally, that means we will all have a personal bias when it comes to what we like or don't like out of what there is in the detector market and we develop a bias. I know I have a bias or two when I evaluate any new detector that comes along, and I don't mind standing my ground on why I use what I have chosen to keep in my personal detector battery.

I have friends and acquaintances who use all of the makes and models I mentioned above, or off-shoots of them, and they enjoy their time afield, have a pretty fair understanding of their detectors, and often times get to enjoy favorable results. No problem understanding that because I had my share of good times afield when I used my own MXT Pros, MX5's, M6's, T2's and forerunners of the '3030.' But, even with the success that came my way, I still had an open mind and interest to always be alert for any detector that might come along and provide me with some noteworthy 'edge' over what I used.

It could be improved performance in dense iron trash (where I most often hunt), better audio tone quality, acceptable audio Tone ID, more viewable and consistent tight reporting of numeric VDI readouts when it came to visual target ID, or perhaps just much nicer balance and feel. Search coil selection was certainly an important factor, especially a good-working smaller-size coil to better handle the very dense litter that tends to abound in my favorite older sites.

This is a serious question, I have a feeling because all I use is my CTX that I'm leaving some stuff behind in the trash and in the iron.
Through the years I have owned over a half-dozen Minelab FBS models, favoring the Explorer II over the other versions, and that even included the CTX-3030 I used for a two week detecting evaluation and compared them both with a couple of my friends who use Minelab's almost exclusively. In wide-open areas, such as large grassy parks, the FBS units could perform much better than when I put them to the task of trying to handle the dense iron littered sites I love to search. Regardless of the coil mounted, the FBS models fell way short of the field performance I wanted.

For 34+ years now I have made sure I keep at least one of my all-time favorite non-display detectors in my working detector arsenal because they proved themselves to me early-on when I started hunting old railroad ghost towns, homesteads and other sites where iron nails were closely positioned, and often rusty tin was also in great abundance. ANY detector I evaluate will be put-to-the-test to try and come close to the nail handling performance I get from my favorite Tesoro's, and then I work them against other makes and models that I have in my personal detector group that feature visual and audio Target ID.

On January 8th of 2015 I got a Nokta FORS CoRe in my hands and started working it against my Tesoro models using my Nail Board Performance Test and was very favorably impressed by the results! I had several other detectors, on the 8th, that held favorite spots in my detector battery as a 'general purpose' detector (the MXT Pro and MX5) or for just Coin Hunting urban sites (my V4 Teknetics Omega 8000) and for the important task or hunting in the dense iron nails infested ghost towns and other old-use sites I favor (Teknetics T2 w/5" DD coil), and an open-area unit for mid-depth and deeper silver coin hunting (a Minelab Explorer II).

That was on January 8th of 2015. My intense evaluation continued on January 9th, but by mid-day to dinner time I had already reached some rather pleasant conclusions ... the Nokta FORS CoRe with the assortment of search coils was a serious contender for the top-performing, general-purpose role. and the next day I started selling off or trading away all the other detectors I owned at the time .... except for my favorite Tesoro's.

Within a couple of weeks I also got an 'original' Makro Racer (the one folks now call the 'Red Racer') and was able to work it and the small 'OOR' coil it had, similar to the smaller FORS CoRe search coil, against all the detectors I was thinning out. It was also an exception performing device, especially doing quite well in the very debris-filled old deserted town sites. It was also a 'keeper' and joined the FORS CoRe as my top-two visual TID detectors. Everything else was on the selling/trading block and in a matter of a few weeks I had thinned the herd to a very manageable pair of great-performing detectors. My favorite for working in and around all sorts of iron junk.

I tried a Deus a couple years ago but I just could not sync with it, so I ended up selling it and stuck with my Minelab.
I tried, but didn't enjoy, the XP Deus. I had enjoyed the XP Gold Maxx several years earlier, for the most part, and thought the new Deus would be a good fit in my arsenal, but like you said, it just didn't 'sync' with me either.

I'm debating on whether or not I should go back to the XP or maybe give the Racer 2 a go round. Perhaps someone that has used both can shed some light based on actual experience between the two.
The Makro Detectors brand is a sister company of Nokta Detection Technologies and I feel it fair to mention both brands as they relate to the questions you might have.

So, YES, I think you would do well to check out a Makro Racer 2 and two or three search coils for it and see how it might compare for your hunting needs and site challenges. I would also suggest you look into the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic. I happen to favor the CoRe and Relic over the Racer and Racer 2 for hunting with a mid-size to standard-size search coil as I find them much more comfortable and better balanced. I keep a CoRe and Relic at-the-ready with a standard or mid-sized coil mounted and ready to grab. Most of my trashy site work is handled by my original FORS CoRe w/'OOR' coil attached or my Relic with the 5" DD coil on the far end of the rod.

Both of those detectors are in my Regular-Use Detector Team and travel with me. I prefer them and moved the Racer series to my 'Specialty-Use' detector group. Some folks prefer the Racer or Racer 2 because they have the in-your-face display where they can easily adjust through the menu and see all the settings and functions. That was one of the things I like about the Racer 2 and it used to be in my Regular-Use group .... until January of this year and the Impact took over that spot.

All the adjustment features found on the Racer 2 ... and then some ... and very similar all-around performance, the Impact is definitely a model I think you ought to also consider. A little more cost than the also impressive Racer 2, but much less than an XP Deus, especially when you look at the pricing of their search coils! The new Nokta Impact has a nice selection of search coils from the factory that let you outfit it for any type of site condition, target size anticipated, and 4be able to deal with virtually any ground mineral challenge that you might face.

I really like the fact that there are so many coils to choose from for the Racer and they are quite affordable versus the XP.
Yes, the Makro and Nokta models have a very good search coil selection, and at very affordable prices, too.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the depth with the Racer 2 versus my Minelab or the XP.
Depth. If you are hunting an iron littered site, don't anticipate getting any depth if you have nearby masking iron, and especially if you think coins are deeper and iron is shallower. You have to use a smaller coil to hunt in and around the iron or just remove it all to get the masking trash out of the way.

In the more open areas where the Minelab FBS detectors have had a favorable attraction, I don't let that bother me. I have gone up against several friends using a Minelab and I put the Racer 2, CoRe and Relic against them in side-by-side testing and left them impressed.

As far as the wireless capability goes, I'm hitched to my detector because I use a periscope probe, so that would be a non-issue for me on either machine.
With my CoRe and Relic I use my Killer B 'Hornet' headphones, and with a Racer 2 and with my Impact I use my 2.4 Gig wireless Nokta/Makro headphones half the time or more. While the periscope headphones and probe work, I prefer the headphones I use and my Makro & Nokta pinpointers.

If you have any opportunity to meet up with someone or visit a dealer who stocks a Racer 2 or Impact, I think you would enjoy them once you handle them to see what they can do.


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