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R2 pinpointing question
Posted by: coinspader
Date: October 18, 2017 07:52PM
I have noticed while using my newly acquired Racer 2 that on smaller deep targets I am not able to get a good pinpoint from pulling the trigger so I am just Xing the target. The racer just goes silent when the coil gets close to the ground during pinpoint. Is this normal for this machine ? is It because of other possible targets in the same area? :shrug:

Re: R2 pinpointing question
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: October 18, 2017 11:33PM
Over the years when I see this happen it is in all metal when you go into pinpoint and if the ground balance is not set right the pinpoint will null of the ground minerals.
Many of the deep targets I get with my Minelab Sovereign I have to use it without going into pinpoint and X it from different directions.


Re: R2 pinpointing question
Posted by: Tom Slick
Date: October 19, 2017 12:03AM
You also need to pull the pin point trigger before you bring the coil over the target. If you pull the trigger while the coil is over the target, the detector will detune and sometimes this will cause the target to not be heard.

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Re: R2 pinpointing question
Posted by: coinspader
Date: October 19, 2017 12:58AM
I think being that pinpoint is in all metal might be the reason why this is happening, the area I have been hunting in is iron infested. It makes sense that it would null under those conditions. Thanks for the input guys. :thumbup:

For best Pinpointing techniques, you should do the following:
Posted by: Monte
Date: October 19, 2017 08:47AM
1.. Make sure your GB setting is spot-on for the All Metal / Pinpoint mode. If anything, it could be just very slightly more positive, but not much. Just slightly.
(Having an improper GB, especially a setting that is too negative, can result in a weaker signal or loss-of-signal .. *an audible Threshold* .. based upon search coil height repositioning during a Pinpointing maneuver.

2.. Move the search coil to the side of the located target so the edge of the coil is just past the presumed location.
(To begin pinpointing, the coil's outer edge should be perhaps 1" or so past the target to isolate it. Depending upon the search coil size, shape and type this distance from coil's edge to the center-axis of the target can vary. Especially with a Double-D coil because of the differing behavior from one side compared with the other due to the overlapped Tx and Rx inner windings and EMF.)

3.. Before you access the Pinpoint function, make sure the search coil position ... * the ground-to-coil distance * ... is where you are going to move the search coil. Make sure you maintain a uniform / consistent coil-to-ground relationship when you go into Pinpoint and move the search coil across the suspected target position.
(This can be very important, especially if the GB adjustment is set too negatively. Quite often I have watched people who have had the nulling, or going silent, behavior when they accessed Pinpoint. The cause is that they might move the coil off to the side of the target, which is correct, but they hold the search coil higher when they have pressed the button or pulled a trigger to access Pinpoint, and then they lower the search coil toward the ground. Some might move the coil sideways at a proper search height, go into Pinpoint, then even get the coil closer to the ground or even on the ground.

If the GB setting is just even slightly negative, and especially if hunting a more mineralized ground environment, then if the coil is lowered toward the ground that will drive the Threshold audio lower, even into the null or to be silent, and there might not be sufficient target response from a smaller and / or deeply positioned target to produce a response that is above the Threshold level and thus hearable.)

4.. Once an operator has a proper, functional GB setting and Threshold audio setting, then they can learn to master the Pinpointing technique to be able to quickly narrow the target spot down and even de-tune the Pinpoint to isolate the target position more exactly. But first you must adhere to the above basic fundamentals so as not to do anything wrong to start with.

I hope I haven't left anyone confused.


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Re: For best Pinpointing techniques, you should do the following:
Posted by: coinspader
Date: October 19, 2017 12:24PM
Thankyou Monte! I think it may be a ground balance problem, I like to run my machines slightly negative to try and get more depth but i think I will just run it spot on from now on.

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