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Treasure master compared to Classic 3
Posted by: Ratdz
Date: January 06, 2017 02:00PM
Hello all, I have been metal detecting for several years with a classic 3. I've become pretty good with this machine and I really like it.
The only things about it that I would like to change is adding a depth reading and a display to see what a target may be.
I noticed both the treasure master and treasure pro.
How does either machine compare to the classic 3?
I have no desire for an expensive machine and in fact am leaning towards the master over the pro.
I seem to only go detecting 6-8 times per year, and seem to mostly coin hunt.
Thanks for your imput.

Re: Treasure master compared to Classic 3
Posted by: Ratdz
Date: January 16, 2017 06:57AM
Well, perhaps no one has any experience with the Classic 3.

Instead of buying the treasure master/pro, I now have a slightly used XLT Spectrum.
Now to try and figure out how to use it. Looks like a fairly steep learning curve compared to what I'm used to.

Re: Treasure master compared to Classic 3
Posted by: JJdigs
Date: January 17, 2017 02:16PM
I really like the classic series,there one of my favorites. I am too interested in the treasure pro with the DD coil. I have use the classics around old cellar holes from the 1700 with great success...I'm sure the treasure pro would complement the classic you have very well...

Re: Treasure master compared to Classic 3
Posted by: sddavid
Date: March 28, 2017 10:24PM
I use a Classic III also, and if I get the Treasure master or Treasure masterpro I think I will keep my Classic III.

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Re: Treasure master compared to Classic 3
Posted by: Blissterd1
Date: March 26, 2018 11:50AM
Hi guys! I've been doing this for about 18 years now. I own 3 old blue box White's (5900, 5900/DI and 6000/DI) 4 different White's Classic (black box) detectors (II, III, III Plus and a Classic IDX-Pro) an XLT Spectrum, a Prizm V, a Fisher CZ5 with a inline probe from Sun-Ray and a Fisher CZ6, among a few others. I bought a White's Treasure Pro (I'll call it a TPro from here on out) about a month ago and I am thrilled with it. With all of the great detectors I have, the TPro was an experiment to see if the newer circuitry and the DD coil would be any improvement. For the last several years, the Fisher CZ5 has been my go-to detector and found me my first gold rings, so I was hard pressed to improve on it's abilities but already heavy, the Sun-Ray inline probe just makes it worse in that department. So right off, the sheer light-weight aspect of the TPro won me over. Even with stage IV Adhesive Archnoiditis (a horrible spine condition) I can swing it for hours. Then there are the features of the TPro. I bought the TPro at a local pawn shop. It was only $150 so I decided to give it a shot, knowing absolutely nothing about it! I am familiar enough with White's detectors and figured I couldn't really go wrong. All I had to do was sell it if I didn't like it and for what I paid I could nearly give it away and make my money back. Boy was I right to buy it! I LOVE this thing. Aside from the lightweight aspect, the features are amazing for a detector of this price range, even new at just just under $400. Auto GB, tracking (or tracking locked!), VDI's (a huge advantage), huge backlit display, 2 AA battery power (9 volts are expensive!), 5 program modes (the TreasureMaster only has 4. It does not have the High Trash program), adjustable thresh-hold (very nice feature) and up to 8 tone ID's! This is light years ahead of the Classic (I call them Black Box's) Series of detectors that White's put out. It took me a couple hours of finding and digging targets with the help of my Fisher and it's probe to get the hang of it. The main thing I like is the shape of the field that the DD coils create vs. the concentric coils. This is my first full sized DD coil. A friend bought a Garrett Ace 350 with a DD coil and I tried and was a bit mystified. I knew I needed some time with this coil. I am lightning fast with the Fisher and inline probe. I can find, dig and recover targets 3 to 1 to my friends Garrett. But after a couple sessions with the TPro, I was digging them just as fast, and that was after dragging the Fisher around with the TPro! By the end of my last dig, I was finally able to dig targets without the need of the Fisher w/probe! The TPRO DD coil creates a much larger search swath. Instead of an upside down cone shape'd field with a tiny point at the bottom, the DD makes a 10" by 2" field that covers more ground per swing, requiring much less overlap. I'm sure I've missed targets with the concentric coils because of this. Granted the ID and tones are a bit finicky until you are centered over the target. My only demerit is the single channel circuit of the TPro. My Fisher CZ5 is a dual frequency monster with impeccable target ID and pinpoint abilities. At least White's chose a fairly high frequency (7.8 kHz) which does see nickels and pull-tabs well. (and thus the gold!) If I was made of money, I would buy the new Minelab Equinox 800 or CTX3030. I am also interested in a Pulse Induction machine someday. Until I hit that massive diamond ring and matching earrings to finance a new machine, I will be swinging this TreasurePro and my good old Fisher! Maybe I'll sell everything else and step up to the "big boy" detectors but until then, White's and Fisher have been my best producers of treasure! I love the hobby and I hope everyone out there reading this review has plenty of good luck and happy hunting. BTW, I am also investigating the use of dowsing in addition to metal detecting. Something to help me to find places to hunt with the VLF machines. I am curious if anyone else has been incorporating dowsing with the hobby? Now, let's get off of the couch and get out there and find some treasure. Spring has sprung and the grass will be up before long!

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