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Re: Looking forward to the Equinox
Posted by: dbado1
Date: September 19, 2017 04:58PM
Hi Steve,
I hear what you are saying...a unit like this with FBS as the muti mode would be a dream. I really hope that this new Multi IQ is awesome as well. I'm really looking forward to this release as the machine even without the multi mode it appears to be a very capable unit.

Take Care.


Re: Looking forward to the Equinox
Posted by: Nuke em
Date: September 19, 2017 05:18PM
The sooner the better. Champ said something that really gets me excited about this machine...."the tech is different from FBS". I love "FBS" but it has been around for a while. Seems to me whenever new tech comes out old sites become like new again just because the new tech is "different". I am reading a lot of posts that state they are hoping the multi mode is FBS, BBS, etc. I hope not (Although, fast FBS would be welcomed). I hope it "sees" the ground or targets differently than previous tech. My E-Trac already has FBS and is awesome. I hope that this new multi is different and just as awesome as FBS.


Dean, as you know I am one of the ones that has stated that I hope the "multi-frequency" mode is FBS or FBS-like ("Multi-IQ" is what it is being called). YES -- I agree with you in that IF Multi-IQ is "just as awesome" as FBS, then I'm all in. My point is, I don't expect this. I don't think they were trying to "improve upon" the benefits of FBS -- i.e. being unparalleled in offering accurate ID on deep targets in turf-type settings. I just don't think that was the aim of this particular unit. Why do I feel that way? Because if this was their goal -- to make an IMPROVED multi-frequency mode that rivals FBS, then I don't think we'd see it at $649. In other words, I don't think they INTENDED "Multi-IQ" to be an improvement on FBS, and I don't think that's the point of this detector. And so ASSUMING that is true, that's why I'd like to see an Equinox model with FBS tech included (say, a "1000" model). If my assumption is INCORRECT, and Multi-IQ proves to be as good as, or better than, FBS, then I agree with you -- no need for FBS in this unit.


As i have said before on here or MLO . A mate told me that a techy mate of his told him that the ET and other FBS machines dont search in all 28 freqs at the same time . That they search in small batches depending on the site/ground and that goes on till the unit has used all freqs then so on again . But done very fast.
I think the Equinox searches all 5 in multi and it wont be FBS but the freqs it uses will be good enough ( does the ET use the freqs on the Equinox ?) .
As for as i am concerned is this is a machine to replace the Terra series and nothing more , but that suits me . With the improvement it has it will be very good against machines like the AT Max / Pro and the Deus , G2 , F75 and so on . It is as the video shows bloody fast and is like that in multi freq too.
This machine is only around £750 to £900 unlike the £Mortgage for a CTX so it wont have all the stuff that has . But this is lightweight , simple to use , waterproof , single and multi freq , 11 in coil , simple low cost stem in 3 piece , hand grip and box come off the stem , long life rechargeable battery , wireless headphones on the 800 .

How much more do we need in a machine of that price range .

It will blow the socks off many machines way above its price range and thats why many other forums are slagging it , they know they are in trouble and people with other machines are proud like we are and dont like our machines slated . I think other companies will be worried too ? they may well see their sales start dropping now like Minelab's did when the Deus came out .

Uses = Minelab E.Trac , Minelab Explorer 11 , Minelab Explorer XS , Minelab Equinox 800 (ordered) , Minelab Equinox 800 (order late 2018 ) , Garrett Probes , Gray Ghost/ Nugget Busters

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