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True wireless?
Posted by: ML
Date: September 19, 2017 07:07AM
Does anyone know if the headphone module will be similar to the CTX in that it is connected and must be placed in a pocket or will this unit employ true wireless? I'm hoping the latter...

Re: True wireless?
Posted by: IDXMonster
Date: September 19, 2017 07:49AM
It says Bluetooth...correct? Wi-Stream is flawless for no lag,I thought Bluetooth wasn't as good? I believe the Equinox uses a module WM08?

Re: True wireless?
Posted by: Fire Fighter 43
Date: September 19, 2017 08:04AM
Any blue tooth headphones can connect to both models. The 800 model will also come with a WM8 module so you can plug any headphones into it. It is similar to the CTX WM10 but the WM8 is smaller and does not have a external speaker. I also heard on one of the videos from a Minelab representative that it is "special blue tooth"and I thought he said the delay was something like 40 milliseconds. Also, he mentioned that to 800 comes with wirelsss headphones.
Check out the video in this thread,2395684

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Re: True wireless?
Posted by: Blank Planet
Date: September 19, 2017 09:19AM
XP wont be suing minelab on stealing Deus wireless :lmfao:

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