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Re: Guys its a Minelab! Its going to do the job....
Posted by: sgoss66
Date: October 05, 2017 12:49AM
Charles (Upstate NY)
That's why I switched to hunting beaches for gold, beach silver pays for the fuel and the gold has paid for my machines many times over. After spending the time and money digging a lot of Barber silver and Mercs, a ridiculous number of wheats and Indians, after the excitement wore off, honestly they are just not worth much unless they are a key date. You know who ruined it, Dave Z. I was happy digging Barbers until one day Dave Z made fun of me for digging $2 Barbers and showed me the hammered 1600's silver he dug recently. :ranting:

I hear you, Charles, but I will NEVER weary of digging old coins -- especially silver ones. If I ever reached your level of expertise, I could see dedicating more time to jewelry hunting -- stuff that I would sell purely for the "profit" of it. But I have never sold a coin find; I love coins, and so finding them is more than just the $$ for me; I love building my "collection." I just wish I were better at it!


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