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Re: why would you pick the 600?
Posted by: Jason in Enid
Date: October 25, 2017 09:05AM
“Why would you limit your options, unless price was the...”.

Let me say this, I went eith the higher priced option on the CTX, just so I didnt miss anything that others would have...
Fast forward to 2017, to date, I have never ised or even tried the WM module for my CTX, for that matter, the rechargable battery too.
So , at this point, Im not sure why I paid for the more pricey option.
I guess its good that they are offering options.
I would like them to offer an option to pay for ongoing firmware upgrades, that they actually develop.
Sorry Minelab, never got over the false marketing from the CTX.

I dont even know how to reply to this without being insulting.... If you dont like the wm-10 I can understand a personal preference but to have never even tried it? I guess you just like being tied to your detector by a leash? A never used the rechargable battery.... thats just plain stupid. You are paying money for disposable batteries when a you can recharge the factory one for free. So many things I want to say about that but I'm going to stop.

Re: why would you pick the 600?
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: October 25, 2017 10:20AM
If you are like most and want to resell the 600 or upgrade to a different detector you will see that they will not have the resale value and will find it is hard to sell compared to the 800. Back when the Explorer first came out they had one that didn't have all the options on called the Explorer S and dont remember the difference right now but some bought them and wish they would have got the XS which was a little more. Now when they went to sell them they were hard to sell and trade in value was less then the difference of the 2 detectors.
Now where it was OK was when the Sovereigns had a pro series in the early black box XS series and the difference was the Pro had the 550 meter which many didn't like care for so we got the reg series as the detectors where the same and we could put on our own meter or like some went without the meter. I don't think it made any resale value difference or trade in as the rest of the detector was same between the 2 of them. That is one of many reason I ordered in 2 of the 800 series Equinox.


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